PE01528: Child court reform


Petitioner: John Ronald


Date Lodged: 03 July 2014

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend child contact laws to provide that the starting point for the judge should be near to 50/50 contact for both parents if parents are fit and proper to parent.

Petition History:


30 September 2014: The Committee agreed to consider the petition alongside petition PE1513 on equal rights for unmarried fathers at a future meeting. Link to Official Report 30 September 2014 (509KB pdf)

25 November 2014: The Committee agreed to defer further consideration of the petition until the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 had come into force and been implemented. Link to Official Report 25 November 2014

12 May 2015: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that there is opposition to the specific legislative changes sought by both petitioners. Link to Official Report 12 May 2015

Written Submissions:

Co parenting and equal time to see your children is proven to be beneficial and proven to have the children raised feeling loved and wanted by both parents and has also been proven to reduce conflict between parents as the number one issue for conflict is access and time. Courts have to reform and start every child case with shared equal time unless risk is proven instead of old aged thoughts that a parent seeing their child every second weekend etc is best for the child. All research in this field from around the world proves children who have been raised by co parenting and near equal time between both homes have become better people and less likely to be unlawful or not have respect for others. Most importantly they feel both parents want and love them and feel the don't need to choose or feel one parent doesn't want them because our courts with their old values in this matter decide a few hours is best for children. Wake up scotland let's become fair and just and stop using our kids as weapons and be proper parents who can communicate and raise their children in this fashion. This is for the kids who want their parents in their life more but don't have a voice. Think of the kids who don't have a father or mother think of how you would feel if you only seen one of your parents now and then because a judge can't move with modern times. Kids are our future and they learn from us do we want them to learn to hate others because we can't get along with each other as parents. Equal time, co parenting, and cooperation. Is it too much to ask

Hi John I agree with what you say but unfortunately we don't have the modern society others do even tho we have the legal system to make it that. I am also unsure if you agree with shared parenting or not but I cannot disagree with your figures and judgement on human rights etc as the government and legal system preach to other countries but cannot uphold the values they expect other countries to uphold.


22:28 on 03 Jun 2014

In Sweden separated parents share custody roughly 50:50 in 28% of cases. In the UK the equivalent figure is 3.2%. I don't know of any comparative research on long term outcomes for children of separated parents in the two countries but I am willing to bet good money that the Swedish children do better, and certainly no worse. There is a huge body of research that supports the benefits of shared parenting post separation. The really sad thing is that I do not think there should be a need for any change in the law. The courts in Scotland and the rest of the UK are routinely ignoring their existing duties under the Gender Equality Duty(Equality Act 2010) and European Convention on Human Rights. Care for and of children is a core part of private and family life and thus covered by Article 8 of the ECHR. Gender discrimination with regard to the other Articles is prohibited by Article 14. Thus children have an equal right to care from both parents regardless of their gender and parents have an equal right to provide care for their children regardless of their gender. The best interests of children do of course rightly take precedence over their rights, and those of their parents but my point is that any interpretation of duties under the GED and ECHR mean that the starting point should already be 50:50 care or near 50:50 care. It is worth examining why the figures for the UK are so much worse than for other more enlightened countries. Personally I think it is due to a number of factors including the malign influence of the CSA, the strength of a misguided misandrist domestic abuse lobby and the vested interests of the legal profession. The CSA takes account of only one parent's income for child maintenance calculations. 97% of the time this parent is male. This means that some mothers stand to make vast amounts of money from their exs by abdicating their own financial responsibility to their children and limiting child contact with their ex.


15:54 on 31 May 2014

Why is it that a country like ours is stuck in the dark ages when it comes to children. Studies have proved that both parents having shared custody means the child grows feeling loved and not dismissed or up unloved by the other parent. Why does the courts still think the mother should have all the power and the father should only see their child once a week or even fortnightly. It should be half or close to it if both are fit parents. Courts should be made if both oarents are fit to have a near 50 50 split so the children see both parents and their external families fully. Scotland says they are a progressive country but lack the basic needs for children and their parents. This has to be changed for the sake of our children


11:45 on 25 May 2014

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