PE01502: Save Ecurie Ecosse cars

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Petitioner: Shonah Gibbon


Date Lodged: 30 November 2013

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide funding for one or more of the vehicles which form the Ecurie Ecosse collection.  It is hoped that the National Museum of Scotland will seek to acquire these as part of its transport collections.


Petition History:


14 January 2014: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and National Museums Scotland. Link to Official Report 14 January 2014 (417KB pdf)

18 March 2014: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the collection has been sold and National Museums Scotland and the Scottish Government has outlined the reasons why an attempt was not made to purchase it. Link to Official Report 18 March 2014 (378KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

As this is such an iconic collection I would expect that anyone who shares my pride in our nation would be delighted to have on display something which would promote appreciation of our determination, ability and pride in our nation.

These are a national treasure and as such should be saved for the nation.

Do you think that part of the Ecurie Ecosse collection should be saved for Scotland?

Location is Stonehaven, Scotland - not Macao!!!

Katrina Castles

22:10 on 30 Nov 2013

I hope we can save some of this priceless national history for the country, especially given the weekend it is

Keith g Brown

22:08 on 29 Nov 2013

Please save this iconic collection.

Paul Lawrence

21:19 on 29 Nov 2013

The Ecurie Ecosse team cars are such an important part of our motor sport heritage , to have at least some of them to remain in Scotland is vital .indeed of national importance .

Sandy Black

20:22 on 29 Nov 2013

Please save at least SOME (if not ALL) of this fabulous collection.

Joyce C Farquhar

20:19 on 29 Nov 2013

My father in the 50's worked part time for ecurie ecosse as a mechanic

dolina douglas

19:06 on 29 Nov 2013

The range of cars, together with the team transporter, represent an irreplaceable able piece of Motorsport history, and must be retained in the UK as part of Scottish heritage.

Mike Mayfield

14:26 on 29 Nov 2013

As Chairman of the Veterans of Scottish Motor Sport Association I'm sure I speak for all our 250 members that these vehicles shoukld remain in Scotland

Jimmy McInnes

9:10 on 29 Nov 2013

As Chairman of the Veterans of Scottish M vehiclesotor Sport Association I feel that loss of these to Scotland woulod be a sad loss of part of our history

Jimmy McInnes

8:54 on 29 Nov 2013

this collection is part of scotlands motoring history when the minows took on the big boys and beat them at there own game, some of the cars have been sold in the past and gone from us, surely this collection should stay here to inspire future motor sport enterprise.

gordon brockie,

21:10 on 28 Nov 2013

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