PE01457: Scotland's National Tree

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Petitioner: Alex Hamilton


Date Lodged: 16 November 2012

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government, as a symbolic commitment to our woodlands and natural heritage, to proclaim the Scots Pine as the National Tree of Scotland

Petition History:

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8 January 2013: The Committee took evidence from Alex Hamilton and Alan Watson Featherstone, Founder and Executive Director, Trees for Life. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage. Link to Official Report 8 January 2013 (474KB pdf)

5 March 2013: The Committee agreed to await a response from the Scottish Government and write to the Woodland Trust. Link to Official Report 5 March 2013 (361KB pdf)

14 May 2013: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 14 May 2013 (503KB pdf)

3 September 2013: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the Scottish Government has committed to undertake a consultation on the designation of a National Tree of Scotland. In doing so, the Committee also agreed to bring the evidence received to the attention of the Scottish Government as part of its consultation. Link to Official Report 3 September 2013 (587KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

Ideas and issues need a symbol around which people can unite and campaign when working together for the common good.  It is accepted by most that our environment needs protecting and that our woodlands and forests have an essential role in preventing climate change and in improving our world.  A National Tree of Scotland would be a valuable symbol of Scotland's commitment to our arboreal heritage and environment . 

The Scots Pine is widely recognised among Scots as being their iconic tree; let the nation unite behind it.

i'm pretty sure it is already the national tree of scotland


9:59 on 15 Nov 2012

Aye, Pinus Sylvestris does it for me

Jack Coll

22:59 on 14 Nov 2012

Absolutely. There are no other trees that are only found in any numbers in Scotland and nowhere else.

Peter Macleod

22:08 on 14 Nov 2012

The Scots Pine is a perfect representation of her people, tall strong and rich in heritage.


17:47 on 14 Nov 2012

A beautiful and unique tree!


12:38 on 14 Nov 2012

Can there be any other tree?

Patric Baird

15:25 on 13 Nov 2012


James McMahon

23:55 on 12 Nov 2012

the Scots Pine seems the obvious national tree for Scotland


23:22 on 12 Nov 2012

Save the forrest walks :)

Stephen McPhee

18:31 on 12 Nov 2012

We must preserve the Scots Pine now. Rather forests than concrete jungles.

Kathleen M Smith

14:29 on 12 Nov 2012

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