PE01564: Save Loch Ness and the Great Glen

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: James Treasurer on behalf of the Friends of the Great Glen


Date Lodged: 23 April 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take steps to designate the Loch Ness and Great Glen as a National Scenic Area; to recommend a priority application is made to UNESCO for the area to be afforded World Heritage protection; and to take appropriate steps to discourage further wind turbine developments and support the restoration of sites damaged by wind turbines.

Petition History:


26 May 2015: The Committee took evidence from James Treasurer. The Committee agreed to write to Highland Council, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Renewables, the John Muir Trust and the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 26 May 2015

22 September 2015: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the local authority is actively updating its development plans in line with national guidance and after consultation. Link to Official Report 22 September 2015  

Written Submissions:

Do you think that Loch Ness and the Great Glen are sites of international importance and are icons of the highlands and of Scotland?

Loch Ness is the second most popular tourist draw in Scotland. Do visitors and locals want to visit the area to see wind turbines?

Do you think that the existing planning system is capable of protecting the world’s most beautiful landscapes, such as Loch Ness and the Great Glen, given the prospect of 500 wind turbines within a 22 mile radius and more to follow?

The Stronelairg development near Loch Ness, according to SNH, will cause enormous environmental damage. Do you think that sensitive upland and wild land areas in the Scottish Highlands are being adequately conserved using the current planning system?

The planning system isn't fit for purpose in the case of these industrial scale developments. In many cases local people don't want them, local councils reject planning applications but they're over-ruled by 'Edinburgh' with no further right of appeal. Scottish Natural Heritage's work on strategic landscape capacity assessments for wind energy and mapping of wild land areas is dismissed by Scottish Ministers - they have another agenda and it's not Scotland's 'natural heritage'! Follow the money. . .

Pat Helme

0:29 on 24 Apr 2015

A alndscape and ecosystem unique within the UK which can and should be saved for future generations

Peter Sticker

19:33 on 23 Apr 2015

Stop this insanity..

Pieter Hogeveen

19:12 on 23 Apr 2015

Please, in the Power of the Precious name of Jesus Christ, who with His Father created this pristine country, please do not destroy it.. Too many of us now are suffering because our governments allowed these things to be erected much too close to our homes.

Evelyn Hayden

16:49 on 23 Apr 2015

Save this wonderful Part of the World

Silvia Schlosser

13:43 on 23 Apr 2015

this is a shocking despoliation of the beautiful Scottish landscape & our heritage for future generations.

David Patrick

12:42 on 23 Apr 2015

I trust that with the wisdom and foresight of its politicians, the necessary steps will be taken to save Great Glen and Loch Ness from an uncertain future and thus potential health - and environmental threats are kept disregard.


10:28 on 23 Apr 2015

Two years ago they wanted to build five 175 m high wind turbines near our little village. We've organized an election and so two-thirds of our entitled-to-vote population decided against the project. I wish you the most success for this petition.

Wolfgang Tempel

10:10 on 23 Apr 2015

Dont distroy our beautiful landscape

Danni Hamilton

10:03 on 23 Apr 2015

Need to leave some of the iconic landmarks clear, somehow don't think folk would be too pleased if this were for the Lake District or South Downs. There are plenty of wind farms up in Scotland already, don't need it to become a wind farm forest.

A P Glew

9:44 on 23 Apr 2015

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