PE01574: HPV Vaccine Safety


Petitioner: Freda Birrell on behalf of UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)


Date Lodged: 21 August 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to convene a roundtable discussion on the safety of HPV vaccines with medical/scientific professionals from both sides of the debate.

Petition History:


27 October 2015: The Committee took evidence from Freda Birrell, UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters and David Birrell. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 27 October 2015

12 January 2016: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the safety profile of HPV vaccines is currently being considered by the European Commission whose findings will have a bearing on Scotland. Link to Official Report 12 January 2016  

Written Submissions:

Many teenagers have developed serious health issues and some young people have died following HPV vaccination with most post mortem results unable to show a conclusive cause of death.  The majority of these teenagers and young women all were perfectly healthy prior to vaccination and then after vaccination developed health issues which have become difficult to diagnose and treat.  The common factor with all these young people is the HPV vaccine. According to Merck’s own recent trials with Gardasil 9, using Gardasil as a comparison, the number of serious adverse reactions for Gardasil was identified as 2,500/100,000. How can we as a country consider this risk acceptable?  Please sign our petition to support having a roundtable discussion at Edinburgh between medical professionals and scientists from both sides of the debate to consider the safety of the HPV vaccines in greater detail.

Little sister has been through hell, more investigations are needed.

Charlene hinks

19:48 on 21 Aug 2015

My little sister has been through years of hell, this needs to be addressed now.

Edward hinks

19:46 on 21 Aug 2015

My daughter received this vaccine in 2010 and suffered bad side effects and was then diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome shortly afterwards

Helen Drake

18:07 on 21 Aug 2015

Serious independent studies need to be done with all vaccines. But In the case of the HPV vaccine there is no proof that it will in fact prevent cancer. It has caused horrendous injury to young women including bringing on early menopause, which then prevents these young women from being able to have children. People Should not be mandated to take vaccines that hold such risks.

Shari Smoker

6:28 on 21 Aug 2015

The safety profile of this vaccine is shocking! Young girls have been serious disabled and some have died due to this vaccine. It is also not proven that this vaccine prevents cervical cancer and it has been misleading thousands of parents to portray it as such. All in all it appears to be another profitable vaccine but with an horrendous safety record. It needs to be removed from the schedule to protect our children!

Katy Redford-Traynor

10:00 on 18 Aug 2015

There is no evidence the vaccines work but plenty of evidence they are harmful. It fills me with hope that the Scottish government have not been corrupted by big pharma and will look at the real evidence about vaccines and the harm they do.

Phil Thompson

21:09 on 17 Aug 2015

because 'evidence-based' means just that. Looking at the evidence.

Ian Townsend

13:39 on 17 Aug 2015

I feel for the moms and their children, who wanted protection and were misled. It bothered me that when I refused the chicken pox vaccine, our pediatrician gave me legal reasons to apply it (the school will ask for it, etc) not medical concerns, and when I refused the HPV vaccine being applied to my other son, the pediatrician gave me a little panflet so I could be "informed" and there was not a word in it warning about the smallest side effect. This needs to end!! Our children are not your experimentation money making field!!

Norma Gonzalez, USA

15:15 on 16 Aug 2015

Have received advice that persons with geneotype 11-3-52B should avoid Gardasil (1% of the population). There are several whitleblowers that have tried to warn the public. This vaccine is furtermore a huge issue in both Denmark and Japan. Besides, the EU has recently issued an investigation of the vaccine in relation to two specific conditions.

Bodil Fjellanger

22:41 on 14 Aug 2015

Vaccines only benefit those who sell them and those who adminster them.....Lety all responsibility for the damage they cause fall onto the shoulders of said people......Avoidable conditions require education, not untested toxic chemical cocktails.

Frank Plunkett

19:09 on 14 Aug 2015

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