PE01452: People's Charter

People Communities

Petitioner: Vince Mills


Date Lodged: 02 November 2012

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to bring forward measures in all areas it has competency to fulfil the aspirations of the People's Charter. 

Petition History:


11 December 2012: The Committee took evidence from Vince Mills, and John Foster, People's Charter Scottish Committee. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, the Chartered Institute of Housing, CBI Scotland, Community Business Scotland and COSLA. Link to Official Report 11 December 2012 (518KB pdf)

5 March 2013: The Committee agreed to await the responses from CBI Scotland and COSLA. Link to Official Report 5 March 2013 (361KB pdf)

30 April 2013: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 on the grounds that the Scottish Government has set out its policies in relation to what is sought by the People’s Charter. Link to Official Report 30 April 2013 (484KB pdf)

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Additional Information from the Petitioner:

We would very much value your support and comments on this petition and would encourage you to contribute. If you are content for the campaign to have your email address / contact details to provide you with further information, please contact us as follows:

Vince Mills
Peoples Charter Scotland
c/o RMT
180 Hope Street
Glasgow G2 2UE

Email: [email protected]

The People's Charter sets out a plan of action to get us out of the mess we are in. Its aspirations are eminently achievable and are ones that people with progressive views from all backgrounds can coalesce around. At this time when the rich and powerful are attacking the fabric of our society we need platforms that unite those in opposition to the neo liberal agenda, the People's Charter provides this.

Most of my adult life has been fighting for Independence. I truly believe we as a nation will encourage the heart back into politics which has sadly been missing for a long time. The coalition government have had their way with austerity measures on debt we do not even owe, whilst spending our oil revenue on English projects. I have had enough of this Westminster parliament and want rid of it. The Trident latest being forced once again on us Scots is diabolical. I was one of the original Faslane peace campers who set up camp in June the 10th. I fought Thatcher and her cuts and her poll tax. I will continue to my dying breath to fight for fairness in Scotland.

Patricia Plunkett

10:25 on 30 Oct 2012

The six demands in this petition are achievable. They can be practically applied and promoted in our daily lives. I am reminded of the original Chartists whose crusade for working class trade unions was achieved only through struggle. A great power when the film from our eyes is wiped clear and the People of Britain work to build a better future free from the harness of Capital. We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants and Remember their Sacrifices for a better world.

David Jacobsen

10:06 on 30 Oct 2012

We need a real alternative! And some Scottish politicians prepared to stand up for it.

Matthew Crighton

21:29 on 29 Oct 2012

The points outlined in the Peoples Charter are indications for the starting of a programme of humane benefit for the common good. If we are to live in Scotland with Social Justice the People's Charter is surely the minimum starting point. End the housing crisis which both chronic and acute by investing in Council Housing to stimulate the economy as a whole. Iain Mac innes I want to live in a Scotland that will see a massive

Iain Mac Innes

17:56 on 29 Oct 2012

When will the inhabitants of the Westminster Bubble admit that it is impossible to "Cut" your way out of a recession. We must Grow our way out of this mess.

Sam Purdie

16:06 on 29 Oct 2012

Though many of the proposals on this charter face substantial political opposition, and economic and structural difficulties in implementation, it is hugely important for those who care about justice and a more caring society to have a clear vision of their basic ideals, and to demonstrate its commitment to them, even if change may be an arduous and fraught process. In its broad scope, then, I am behind this charter 100%, and urge those in power to always keep such ideals in sight, attempt get as close to it as is feasible, and not be disuaded from these goals by the partisans of social fragmentation masquerading as pragmatists, no matter how little of these goals may in practice, at present, be realised.

Ross Hetherington

13:28 on 29 Oct 2012

Interesting that we have a Coalition Westminster governement now suggesting retired individuals shsoudl work and be less of a burden to the public purse but the reality is there are insufficient jobs for what is traditionally the working population - 16 - 65 years olds. Where are the job opportunities for "retirees" coming from?

The Practical Realist- looking beyond the smokescreen

10:14 on 24 Oct 2012

How long will the UK government continue to try to dupe the public with the smoke screen of austerity measures for the supposed benefit of all when it is obvious they are using the current economic circumstacnes as an excuse and unwarranted justification to dismantle the welfare state, local authority services and pusue their right wing agenda of cuts for the poor, perks for tehrich.

Ross Robertson

10:10 on 23 Oct 2012

really feel sorry for all those young folk unable to find work, where is their future? while those in power waltz around in a bubble, making up plans to protect themselves

wendy straiton

12:11 on 22 Oct 2012

I marched yesterday in Glasgow along with thousands of others all over the UK and I'll do whatever it takes to show this government that Austerity is not working and we are not all in this together. This government is determined to destroy ever single thing that ordinary people (phelbs) have worked to build for the last 70 years and to take us all back to where the rich got richer and the poor got ill and died!!!!

Ann Crozier

10:59 on 21 Oct 2012

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