PE01859: Retain falconers rights to practice upland falconry in Scotland

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: Barry Blyther


Date Lodged: 24 March 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend the Animals and Wildlife Act 2020 to allow mountain hares to be hunted for the purposes of falconry.

Petition History:

Do you agree that the practice of falconry must continue within Scotland?

Do you agree that the new legislation will have a negative impact on falconry related business?

Do you agree that the new legislation poses a risk to the welfare of birds of prey?

Do you agree that outlawing the hunting of mountain hares in the practice of falconry will be harmful to hare conservation as more licences for shooting them will likely be sought?

In order to protect the wildlife in the United Kingd it is imperative that the people of the countryside are allowed to manage and protect it to our fullest ability. This bill, like many others similarly affecting the countryside, must be repealed.

Andrew J Wilson

19:51 on 24 Mar 2021

The art of falconry should be allowed to continue and the natural instincts of raptors to be maintained in the natural environments. The extent and impact of this in the population of mountain hares would be negligible

Carol Blyther

16:40 on 24 Mar 2021

Please let falconers do their job, and maintain the country environment.

Patricia Wright

13:40 on 24 Mar 2021

Please permit falconers to continue their practice and conservation efforts. It would be a shame to see this way of life dwindle any further.

Ridge Elm

10:58 on 24 Mar 2021

Please let falconers do their job, and maintain the country environment.

Lynora Kennedy

9:38 on 24 Mar 2021

Hunting with birds of prey is a re-enactment of the natural world, the problem is the word sport Its not a sport, its a way of life

robert skillings

8:55 on 24 Mar 2021

Se permita en Escocia la caza de la liebre por cetreria

Hector Guadalupe Holguin Pacheco

3:21 on 24 Mar 2021

Instead of destroying sustainable traditions... support and applaud them.

Madeline Corcoran

0:00 on 24 Mar 2021

Please continue to allow falconry to continue in Scotland with Eagles

Robert Hutchinson

18:12 on 23 Mar 2021

A legal hunter! It will always be a contribution to the conservation and balance of already damaged ecosystems and what better way to do it with a bird of prey where all are enhanced! Ecosystem, prey and raptor.

Eduardo Céspedes

13:34 on 23 Mar 2021

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