Previous Action

The provision of Religious Observance (RO) in schools is a national issue, not a local or a personal one. I have complained to the school after my daughter was incorrectly sent to a church service. The school explained that this error arose because a temporary teacher was on duty; however, this merely emphasises that such errors are implicit in the present system.

I have consulted numerous school handbooks and discovered that they often do not even mention the right to opt out. This is a systematic; not an individual, failing.

I have researched the issue, and find that only 20% of parents say the school informed them of their opt-out rights. These are among the reasons why I am forced to conclude that the opt-out system is systematically defective, and since 'opt in' vs 'opt out' is specified by the Scottish Government, I feel it is a matter for the Scottish Parliament.

I have spoken to my MSP who has advised that this was a legitimate topic for petition.

Additionally, Secular Scotland with over 500 members is raising this issue on Facebook and Twitter with the support of the Humanist Society of Scotland and various figures within Scottish churches.

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