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ATOS have been responsible in carrying out assessments on sick and disabled people in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom. To date, more than 2,200 people have died before the Fit for Work Assessment has been completed. In addition, tens of thousands of sick and disabled people have had their Social Security Benefits removed, reducing them to penury and extreme poverty. In many cases, those who have died either committed suicide or were terminally ill when passed fit for work. All cancer patients have been forced to undergo this extremely unfair assessment process. These sick and disabled people have been severely stressed when they should be left to live their lives with dignity. Scotland has different political values to those South of the Border, in that we are proud of our social democratic values of fairness and social justice. This petition articulates these values, calling on the Scottish Parliament to demand that ATOS be dropped as a sponsor for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, as they are operating contrary to these values in that they are ruining people's lives.

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