Previous Action

Early failed attempts to have the area restored by writing to local councillors, Loch Fyne ‘Here we are’ group from Cairndow, land owners and associates led to me approaching Michael Russell MSP.  Mr Russell has been extremely helpful and ‘hands on’ in this matter. He has written to various bodies. He has met with the Landowner, councillors, Historic Scotland, written to Fiona Hyslop and several groups to resolve this matter without success.

I did receive encouragement when Archaeology Scotland, through their ‘Adopt A Monument’ scheme, offered to help but although a representative and I have met on several occasions (Phil Richardson) nothing has materialised.

RCAHMS were more forthcoming by photographing the area and recording its position. However, this simply dictates its location. The landowner has the final say. Kate Howe (landowner) lives in England and has mostly been negative in her views regarding the culture of the people that the Tinkers’ Heart represents.

I wrote and sent all relevant info to the present Duke of Argyll, who also lives in the south of England, but he refuses to help on the grounds of his friendship with Ms Howe. 

Mrs Howe and her associates have not answered my emails but they have conversed with Michael Russell MSP - but only to voice their views on the cultural significance in a negative manner.

In June 28th 2013 I met with Mike Russell MSP, Councillor Louise Glen-Lee, a rep from Visit Scotland and Historic Scotland at A&B council offices at Kilmory, Lochgilphead but once again no positive outcome.

The Rep from Visit Scotland queried how his organisation would benefit from supporting the project. I told him the area was not about tourism but about an entire culture that had been overlooked for centuries and that the Tinkers’ Heart was all they had as a marker of their ancestors. I did add that many of the Diaspora came from these humble beginnings and would be more than satisfied to see their culture protected by law.

The Historic Scotland rep said they would not go against the wishes of the landowner.

Time and events march on without a positive outcome therefore I have been left with no choice but to raise awareness through petitioning which I hope shall reach a wider audience and allow me to gauge how the public respond to such a request.

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