Previous Action

  • We have formed a campaign group called Scotland Against the Care Tax to coordinate national action to end local authority charges for non-residential social care services (care charging).  We have produced a number of guidance documents to explain how care charges are calculated, the inefficiencies of the collection of care charges and the inconsistencies in how care charging is applied across Scotland.
  • We have spoken to a number of MSPs about the case for abolition of care charging.
  • We have helped some of these MSPs to raise questions in the Scottish Parliament about the implementation of care charging.
  • We have advised a previous petitioner on this matter – Mr W Tait (PE1466) and spoken in support of his petition to the Health and Sport committee of the Scottish Parliament.
  • Our members have taken part in the COSLA working group on non-residential care charges and have tried to bring about changes in the way the current guidance is written and applied nationally.
  • We have spoken to local authorities across Scotland with a view to ending particular anomalies, have contributed to consultations and supported individuals in challenging local authority decisions.
  • We have highlighted the inconsistencies of care charging in the local and national press and broadcast media, as well as at several gatherings of politicians, health and social care professionals, and disabled individuals.

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