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The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was set up by the World Health Organisation. The UK is one of the 180 parties to the FCTC (see Recognising the tobacco industry’s long history of interference in legitimate public health policies (, Article 5.3 of the Convention sets out strict parameters on engagement with the tobacco industry.

The FCTC does not prohibit parties from engagement with the tobacco industry but recognises that the interests of the industry are in direct conflict with the goals of public health, and therefore sets strict guidelines around any interaction:

- Parties to the Convention should protect their public health policies from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry
- Parties should interact with the tobacco industry only when and to the extent strictly necessary to enable them to effectively regulate the tobacco industry and tobacco products.
- Parties should ensure that any interaction with the tobacco industry on matters related to matters related to tobacco control or public health is accountable and transparent.

Scotland’s tobacco control strategy includes a commitment to carry out an audit of the implementation of Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention.


Prof Derek Bell – President, Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
Dr Peter Bennie – Chair, British Medical Association Scotland
Dr Alastair Cook – Chair, Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland
Sheila Duffy – Chief Executive, ASH Scotland
Geoff Earl – Chair, Lothian Branch Royal College of Nursing
Irene Johnstone – Head of British Lung Foundation Scotland and Northern Ireland
Martin Keeley – President, Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
Gregor McNie – Senior Public Affairs Manager, Cancer Research UK
Prof Alan Rodger - Former Medical Director, Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre (retired)

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