PE01519: Save Scotland's Seals

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Petitioner: John F. Robins on behalf of Save Our Seals Fund


Date Lodged: 05 May 2014

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to stop issuing licences permitting salmon farming, salmon netting and salmon angling interests to shoot and kill seals in Scottish waters and instead require that salmon farmers either move their farms into on-shore tank systems or legally require marine salmon farmers to install and maintain the high-strength, high tension predator exclusion nets they require to meet their legal obligation under the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 to protect their stock from the attention of predators. We further ask that the Scottish Parliament ask the Scottish Government to legislate to close down all salmon netting stations in Scottish waters thus allowing tens of thousands of Atlantic Salmon and seatrout to return to their native rivers to breed.

Petition History:


17 June 2014: The Committee took evidence from John F Robins, Secretary, Save Our Seals Fund. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Marine Scotland, the Special Committee on Seals and the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation. Link to Official Report 17 June 2014 (589KB pdf) 

28 October 2014: The Committee agreed to refer the petition, under Rule 15.6.2, to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee to consider in the context of the ongoing work in this area. Link to Official Report 28 October 2014 

10 December 2014: The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee closed the petition. Link to Official Report 10 December 2014   

Written Submissions:

Circa 1,000 seals are shot and killed under Government Licence in Scotland each year. These deaths are totally unnecessary and an international embarrassment to Scotland. We would like to see Scotland lead the way with seal-friendly salmon farming using techniques such as on-shore farming in enclosed tank systems and proper predator exclusion nets around marine farms.

Seals have as much right to eat fish as we do!!! Stop killing these innocent creatures!!!

Samantha Beckett

21:17 on 05 May 2014

All life is precious.

mary stanley

20:48 on 05 May 2014

Nobody have the right to kill them to protect fisheries... Others solutions exist.


19:57 on 05 May 2014

Stop the slaughter

Emma Roberts

12:31 on 05 May 2014

"You shall not murder" - One of the Ten Commandments

gabriella ferenc

11:05 on 05 May 2014

To get things into perspective, how would we react if somebody killed a human being and left the child to starve... All creatures are worthy of being treated with respect.

Merete Mowinckel, Norway

10:20 on 05 May 2014

There should be no need for barbaric practices in this day and age.

margaret georgious

8:57 on 05 May 2014

Stop the seal killing ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Brenda Perrott Williamson

3:17 on 05 May 2014

I cant believe such barbarity is being practiced in my own country. every time we humans take action to counter things, we actually make it worse like killing 40000 elephants to stop desertification IT MADE IT WORSE. Stop fish farming if you want to Save our Salmon but I suppose the damage is already done.

Craig Ralton

22:54 on 04 May 2014

This needs to stop, we are supposed to be a civilised society, this is far from civilised !

Wendy Scott

22:52 on 04 May 2014

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