EU Ref: Committee fact-finding visits

As part of its scrutiny of the EU referendum and its implications for Scotland, the Committee undertook the following fact-finding visits-


22-24 January 2017

Members of the Committee met with the following:

  • Scottish Government
  • Scotland Europa
  • Mission of the Faroes to the EU
  • Philippe Lamberts MEP
  • Andrew Duff (former MEP)
  • Joint Office of the UK Law Societies
  • European Trade Union Confederation
  • Danuta Hübner MEP, Chair, Constitutional Affairs Committee
  • Charles Goerens MEP
  • Alyn Smith MEP
  • Catherine Stihler MEP
  • Mission of Canada to the EU


14-15 November 2016

Members of the Committee met with the following: 

  • Rt. Hon Hilary Benn MP, Chair, Committee on Exiting the European Union and Members of the Committee
  • TheCityUK’s Senior Brexit Group
  • Members of the London Assembly’s EU Exit Working Group and Economy Committee  


18-19 July 2016

Members of the Committee met with the following:

  • Glenn Vaughan, CEO of British Chambers of Commerce in Belgium
  • Oda H. Sletnes, Norwegian Ambassador to the EU
  • Scotland Europa 
  • Bergdis Ellertsdottir, Icelandic Ambassador to the EU
  • Declan Kelleher, Irish Ambassador to the EU