Ask the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning

Ask the Cabinet Secretary

At its meeting on 7 October 2014, members of the Education and Culture Committee put questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning on the Curriculum for Excellence and the new national qualifications.  We were really keen to get the views of the public on this topic so before the meeting we asked the public via Facebook and Twitter what questions you would like us to put to the Cabinet Secretary. This generated a lively discussion (see below). We grouped these in to themes which formed part of the questioning at the meeting. 

Watch a 'Highlights' video of the meeting

Watch a video of the full meeting (which includes captions):

Unfortunately we didn't have the time to cover all your questions, but we will be writing to the Cabinet Secretary to follow up on these and some of the common themes that came through in the questions submitted.  The letter and response from the Cabinet Secretary will be published on this page as soon as it's available.  Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@SP_EduCul) for updates!

The Education and Culture Committee would like to thank everyone that gave us a question or contributed to the discussion on Facebook.  We hope you continue to follow our work in the future.