Saturday 11 April Events

Solar spectrum

Creative Cameras Workshop (Age 3+)
Drop in all day

How do you take images so fast that you can see light travelling through the air?  How do you use the latest technology to look round corners and see objects hidden from view?  Come along and see the world in a brand new way.

From Deep Sea to Deep Space Workshop (Age 8+)
Drop in all day

We will show how glowing jelly fish let us see inside the tiny world of living cells and play with microscopes to poke and probe anything that is small enough to be interesting.

Lasers and the Search for Alien Worlds Talk (Age 15+)

Over the last decade astronomers have identified hundreds of planets outside our own solar system.  However, plants which could support life, like earth, are relatively small, so finding them is a massive challenge.  Technology is allowing us to address this challenge.  This talk will explore how research which began in laser laboratories is now making an impact on planet hunting!

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Colourful Chemistry and Lego Workshop (Age 7+)
Drop in all day

Have you ever wondered how scientists measure chemical reactions?  It is all about colour.  At this workshop budding chemists can learn how to use a colorimeter made from Lego to see what is happening during a chemical reaction.

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