PE01653: Active travel infrastructure


Petitioner: Michaela Jackson on behalf of Gorebridge Community Trust


Date Lodged: 19 May 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to develop an active travel infrastructure strategy that will require active travel provision to be incorporated into all new major infrastructure projects for Scottish cities, particularly those projects designed to improve commuter routes from regional centres into city centres.

Petition History:


29 June 2017: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Sustrans, Scottish Environment LINK and WWF Scotland. Link to the Official Report 29 June 2017

21 December 2017: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 21 December 2017

26 April 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and to seek information about evidence provided to the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee by the acting chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change in relation to the environmental impact of cycling in relation to air quality and climate change. Link to the Official Report 26 April 2018

22 November 2018: The Committee agreed to seek an update from the Scottish Government on the timescale for updating the Trunk Road Walking and Cycling strategy. Link to Official Report 22 November 2018

20 June 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that there are plans in place to address active travel regarding infrastructure projects in Scotland and opportunities to engage in the review of the National Transport Strategy which has a focus on active travel. Link to Official Report of Meeting 20 June 2019

Written submissions:

At the moment the Sheriffhall roundabout is a terrifying prospect for a cyclist to encounter. I know drivers that approach it with trepidation and most cyclists avoid it at all costs. With all the new housing being built in Midlothian, a new roundabout will do little to alleviate congestion if alternatives to the car are not supported. There is an opportunity to put cycling at the heart of the design. It would great to see an inspirational, iconic even, cycle bridge across the bypass. At the very least a separate cycleway should be included in the new design. Please call on the Scottish government to ensure that all new major infrastrcuture projects, including this new roundabout, are built taking cyclists into consideration.

Through no fault of my own, I was hit by a car the Thursday before Christmas while commuting to work on my bike. This was not at the Sheriffhall roundabout, but at 'Murder roundabout' in Bathgate (also known as Boghall roundabout). I don't believe the driver who hit me was being malicious, just careless while driving on a road not designed with cyclists in mind. If we want to get more people cycling, we need to make the roads safer


13:54 on 16 May 2017

Do something about Bathgate please, almost zero for cyclists.

Bruce Thomson

12:18 on 16 May 2017

I get nervous on Sheriffhall in a car never mind a bike. If a new roundabout is to be put in place then suitable infrastructure for, not only cyclists, but pedestrians too needs to be considered.

Stuart Bailey

12:02 on 16 May 2017

Sheriff Hall roundabout is the scariest place I've ever cycled around - you really do dice with death everyone you go round it on the road. Crossing as a pedestrian is just as life threatening. If government is serious about healthy life style choices then it must help facilitate alternatives to the car

Stuart McKenzie

14:31 on 14 May 2017

Getting Active Travel infrastructure backed by national policy important, backing it with additional resources is vital at a time when Councils are in financial difficulties maintaining the infrastructure they have. We want good infrastructure people will use, not the cheapest option which might tick a policy box handed down centrally without an extra penny.

Martin Bartos

21:42 on 10 May 2017

What started off as a way to make someone a quick buck with the sale of a car is now being used as a concealed weapon. All that damage and death caused with no due process got old decades ago.


17:22 on 08 May 2017

We need a cycle path in to Edinburgh. This means crossing the bypass at several points. Please factor this in to the Sherriffhall Roundabout,

Graeme Walker

21:47 on 03 May 2017

Communting from Newtongrange to Edinburgh each day you start to notice many potential cycle paths and footpaths that were in the design but dropped. Option B for Sheriffhall isn't the right choice. Also, why is there no footpath on the road running from Lothianbridge to the Tesco roundabout and onward to Dobbies? Looks like the idea was there but only enough funding for the corners a the roundabouts until you get onto the path proper near Dobbies. Not even having a footpath is crazy and dangerous, people have to walk along the (rough) grass verge at the side of the road every day on a national speed limit section of road. It scares me to think about it everytime one of my kids says they are going to walk to Tesco, and the thought of them cycling is even worse. I do it daily but it's not a confident experience. Start catering for people who are trying to keep costs down, reduce emissions and fully support active travel!

Martin Cassels

15:02 on 03 May 2017

We need a cycle path around Edinburgh and in to Edinburgh. This means crossing the bypass at several points. Please factor this in to the Sherriffhall Roundabout, and other key points along the A720 to enable cycling around the City and not just in and out of it.

Colin Miller

23:36 on 02 May 2017

Cycling and walking are rightly seen as an important part of the solution to the major problems of inactive travel (eg. poor health due to poor air quality and sedentary lifestyles, and their costs to the NHS, and of course climate change consequences). However, is it reasonable to encourage cycling when it's so dangerous, due to so much motor traffic? Ways must be found of discouraging car use. Many motorists who would like to cycle, stay in their cars as they can see it's so dangerous, thereby ensuring it remains dangerous. We can break this vicious circle in Scotland.

David White

12:08 on 02 May 2017

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