PE01713: Ban the use of 'Mosquito Devices' in Scotland


Petitioner: Amy Lee Fraioli MSYP and Kit McCarthy MSYP on behalf of Scottish Youth Parliament


Date Lodged: 06 December 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ban outright the use of ‘mosquito devices’ in Scotland, in order to uphold children and young people’s rights.


Petition History:


20 December 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, COSLA and the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland. Link to Official Report 20 December 2018

5 September 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Official Report of Meeting 5 September 2019

20 February 2020: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Order Rule 15.7 on the basis that the Scottish Government will consult with specialists and give further consideration to the implications and practicalities of banning or limiting the use of mosquito devices. Link to Official Report of Meeting 20 February 2020

Written submissions

Do you agree with the SYP's call for a ban on mosquito devices?

Have you been affected by these devices? If so, please leave a comment outlining how you were affected and what you would like to see done to address this issue. 

I'm well over the age these devices are aimed at and they are painful. It's not always possible to avoid them, I've found myself avoiding travel though Aberdeen after they stuck one in Aberdeen train station, and then outside union square it's self. What damage are they causinv to small children who's parents don't realise they devices are in operation?

Marina-Jane Juel-Beer

15:56 on 06 Dec 2018

The mosquito device is a clear breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the Scottish Government has previously stated they are keen to implement. Not only does it degrade and exclude young people from public spaces, through painful frequencies that reinforce age old stereotypes around 'youths', but it can also affect people of any age who have particularly sensitive hearing or sensory issues. One of the best things about Scotland is how welcoming and open we are to all members of society, backed up by our most recent hate campaign, our freedom to roam etc. If that's the case, why shut out some of our most valuable citizens from participating fully in society?

Chloe Whyte

19:30 on 04 Dec 2018

Horrified to learn of these devices! The health implications alone are enough to warrant them being made illegal. Who knows what the long-term effects are on our children!

Jo Lamb

13:53 on 07 Nov 2018

I agree with the ban i have been affected when younger it was not a very nice experience i also cried.

Miss Toni Twigg

8:04 on 01 Nov 2018

Mosquito Devices violate the human rights of children and young people. They are inhumane and must be banned.

Ezmie McCutcheon

10:09 on 29 Oct 2018

At a time when we should be encouraging children and to come together and support each other to reduce mental health issue's and social isolation.

Tracey Wright

21:00 on 26 Oct 2018

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