Complaints reports and actions

We value feedback from members of the public about our:

  • staff
  • services
  • policies  
  • procedures

We are committed to learning from complaints and improving what we do.

Stages for handling complaints

We have 2 stages for dealing with complaints. Most complaints are resolved at stage 1. 

Stage 1 is for complaints that can be resolved quickly by staff in the area concerned. These complaints can be resolved on the spot or within 5 working days.

Stage 2 is for complaints that need to be investigated by senior staff. This might be because:

  • the complainant is not satisfied with the response to their complaint at stage 1 
  • the issue is immediately identified as very serious or complex

We issue our decision on stage 2 complaints within 20 working days. 

We aim to respond to all complaints within the specified deadlines.


We report on complaints 4 times a year (once every 3 months) to the Parliament’s senior management. The reports have:

  • information about the number and type of complaints and the number answered on time
  • information on actions taken in response to complaints

Here are the most recent reports: 

We also publish a summary for the last reporting year (April to March).

Complaints handling procedure

You can read more about how we deal with complaints in our Complaints Handling Procedure

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