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The way the Parliament operates makes it necessary for different groups of staff to work different hours and patterns. Some staff have to work longer hours when Parliament is sitting and reduced hours during recess periods. For this reason we have very progressive flexible working hours (FWH) arrangements, within which staff are required to work.

Notwithstanding individual working patterns, staff employed on a full time basis are contracted to work 1,623.6 hours per year, which is the equivalent to a 37 hour week, excluding breaks, annual leave and public and privilege holidays. Staff who work on a part-time basis are required to work the number of hours specified in their appointment letter.

Bandwidths are the hours within which staff may work and accrue time under the FWH arrangements. The bandwidth is from 7:00am to 8:00pm for all work areas and from 7:00am to 10:00pm for Sub Editors, the Deputy Editor and the Editor in the Official Report.

Annual Leave

The annual leave allowance is 30 days. Our annual leave year runs from 1 September to 31 August. If staff take up appointment during the course of a leave year, their annual leave allowance will be proportional. 

In addition, all staff receive 11½ days public and privilege holidays which are normally taken at fixed times of the year. If staff are required to work on a public or privilege holiday special arrangements will be made. If staff work on a part-time basis, their annual leave and public and privilege holiday entitlement will be pro-rated. 

As with working hours, there may be restrictions on annual leave when Parliament is sitting. In any event you may not take annual leave unless it has been agreed, normally in advance, with your line manager.


Unless staff choose otherwise we offer the opportunity to join the Civil Service pension arrangements, which include a valuable range of benefits. We will make substantial employer contributions towards the Civil Service pension. More information can be found on the Civil Service Pensions website


The SPCB does not operate a retirement age policy. This means that there is no upper age limit beyond which you would be automatically retired and you are free to continue in employment for as long as you wish subject to the normal rules concerning Performance, Attendance and Conduct.

Travelling and Other Expenses

We pay travelling and other expenses if you incur them whilst on official duty. However, we will not reimburse the cost of normal daily travel between home and office.

Unless we have stated otherwise in the advert, we do not reimburse travel or other expenses you incur in attending an interview or assessment with us. We are happy to explore alternative arrangements if this causes you difficulty.


You will be on probation for six months. Confirmation of your appointment is dependent on the satisfactory completion of this probation period, taking into account your job performance, conduct and attendance.

Outside and Political Activities

As an employee of the SPCB, you may not take part in any activity that would in any way conflict with the interests of the Parliament or be inconsistent with your duties and responsibilities.

You may not take part in national political activities, although you may seek permission to take part in local political activities. If permission is granted, it will be subject to the observance of general rules relating to possible conflicts between your official responsibilities and your political activities.

Health and Safety

The SPCB is committed to promoting health and safety as a priority issue. Its aim is to take appropriate and reasonable steps to ensure that it conducts its business in such a way that employees and other people who may be affected by its work are not exposed to risks to their health and safety.

General Data Protection Regulation

For further details on how we will process your personal data please refer to the HR Workers Privacy Notice and the SPCB Recruitmant Privacy Notice



We want all applicants to feel that they have been treated fairly, even if they are not appointed. If you have any comments or suggestions about the way in which this recruitment campaign has been handled, please get in touch.


Please do not send references or testimonials with your form. If you are successful, we will approach previous and/or current employers for a reference. We can only make a formal offer of employment once we have received these references. If you have no employment history we may approach any school, college or university you have attended.

Health Assessment and Security Clearance

If you are successful at interview you will be asked to complete a health assessment form. If necessary, we may ask you to attend a medical assessment. Assessments are carried out by our occupational health supplier in the Parliament building. The reason why we carry out a health assessment is to make sure that the job you have applied for is suitable for you. It is also to find out if we need to carry out any adjustments to help you do the job.

Security clearance is required for this post. If you are successful we will ask you to complete a security questionnaire. This form will explain our security vetting policy. We can only make a formal offer of employment once the security clearance process is complete.

Visa and Work Permits

There are no nationality restrictions on who the SPCB employs. You must however check whether there are any restrictions on your stay or your freedom to take or change employment in the United Kingdom before you apply for a post. If you are successful at interview we will make a complete enquiry into your eligibility to work in the United Kingdom.

Please note that this information is provided for information only and does not form part of the SPCB’s terms and conditions of employment.  Go to our staff handbook for full details of our terms and conditions of employment.

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