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Our disclosure log lists information that we have released in response to FOI requests. 

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You can search for information from the Disclosure Log by selecting from the drop-down menus or by entering a keyword in the "Search Term" box. For example, if you are interested in seeing information released by the Parliament under FOI in the last month or the last 6 months, choose those options from the drop down menu for "Period". If you are looking for information released in a specific month, use the "Specific Month/Year" drop down menu. If you wish to search for information on a particular subject (for example "catering" or "allowances") enter the relevant terms in the "Search Term" box.

Having found the relevant entries, if you click on the "Details" button on the right hand side, you will be able to access PDF versions of the information released in response to the FOI request.

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Request NumberDisclosure Summary 
661837 Request for information on the amount paid by the Scottish Parliament to Stonewall for specified reasons. Details
660990 reply to a request for a breakdown of costs to the Scottish Parliament for the following: Scottish Parliament Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints; The James Hamilton inquiry; The externally led review by Laura Dunlop QC. Details
660652 Reply to a request seeking the total cost of providing the photographic portrait of the outgoing Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh by Harry Benson. Details
660207 Request for historic information relating to time stamps on the Scottish Parliament's security camera footage. Details
659844 Reply to a request seeking information on the diversity of staff at the Scottish Parliament. Details
659560 Reply to a request seeking information on policies relating to staff working for the Scottish Parliament. Details
659440 Reply to a request seeking information relating to Disability Rights and Laws. Details
659354 Request for information on Software Asset Management in the Scottish Parliament. Details
659335 Reply to a request seeking the following information: a) The number of former MSPs who have a pass for access to the Scottish Parliament building b) The names of former MSPs who have access to the Scottish Parliament building c) A list of former MSPs who have signed a no lobbying declaration. Details
659154 Request for a copy of the 2021 MSP induction programme. Details
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