Making an FOI request

During the Covid 19 outbreak please help us to help you by sending your request by email only as we are working remotely and do not have access to requests that are received by post.

How to make a freedom of information (FOI) request or an environmental information request (EIR)

Before making an information request please remember that we may already have published what you are looking for. You can use the Publication Scheme to see if the information is already available. You may also wish to use the website’s search facility.

Information requests should be made in written form. You can ask us for information by completing the request form (available in the right-hand column), and you can also check if the documents you're requesting are not already available. When making a request remember to include contact details so we can send the information to you. Please add as much detail to the request as possible so we can see exactly what information you need. If we need further details we will contact you.

How the Scottish Parliament handles information requests

Information on how we handle freedom of information and environmental information requests can be found in the following PDF document: 

If you are sending an information request by post please send it to:

Head of Information Governance
Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

  • Telephone: 0131 348 6913 (Text Relay calls welcome)
  • Textphone: 0131 348 3415
  • Fax: 0131 348 5050
  • Email [email protected]

Requests for information covered by the Scottish Parliament / the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body Publication Scheme will generally be provided free of charge, though certain information may be subject to charges as outlined in that Scheme.

Requests for information not contained in the Publication Scheme may be subject to charges as outlined in the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Fees Regulations 2004.

Please note: any charges levied must be paid in advance of information being supplied.

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