To fulfil its duties, the AAB considers all matters of governance, audit and internal control for the SPCB. In particular, the AAB provides the Clerk/Chief Executive on whether the necessary assurances required for the signing of the Governance Statement contained within the annual accounts have been provided. The AAB specifically considers and advises on:

  • the adequacy of the arrangements for ensuring sound governance and internal control;
  • the assessment and management of business risk;
  • the planned activity of Internal Audit and results of its work; 
  • the planned activity of Audit Scotland and results of its work;
  • the adequacy of management responses to issues identified by audit activity and the arrangements for monitoring the implementation of agreed recommendations; and
  • other sources of assurance relating to the corporate governance requirements of the Parliament such as value for money.

The AAB report to the SPCB annually and at such other times as the Board considers necessary. In addition the AAB advises the SPCB and Leadership Group on significant matters as they arise.

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