Year of Young People 2018

The Scottish Parliament is proud to be supporting the Year of Young People in 2018. We are committed to:

a. Providing a platform for young people to have their views heard and acted upon within the Scottish Parliament

b. Showcasing the amazing talents of young people through events and media the Scottish Parliament hosts

c. Developing better understanding, co-operation and respect between young people and their elected representatives at the Scottish Parliament

d. Recognising the impact of teachers, youth workers and other supporting adults on young people’s lives

e. Providing opportunities for young people to express themselves to the Scottish Parliament through culture, sport and other activities

Working with young people and those who support them throughout the year, we are developing a number of projects which will help us achieve these commitments.

The projects we are working on are:

We’re looking to embed new ways of working so that we are able to continue to effectively engage with young people beyond 2018, broadening both our horizons and those who work with us.

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