PE01641: Future Independence Referendum

Parliament Government

Petitioner: David Robertson


Date Lodged: 06 April 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government not to seek a second independence referendum until after 2020.

Petition History:


27 April 2017: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Orders Rule 15.7 on the basis that the issue has recently been debated in the Parliament. Link to the Official Report

Written Submissions:

Do you agree that any further independence referendum should be delayed until Brexit negotiations are complete, to remove any uncertainty about what we might be leaving and where we might be going?

Would you prefer to see our elected representatives addressing the significant problems that already exist within Scotland (education, economy, NHS) before entering into another lengthy and potentially divisive campaign?

I could never wish harm to the people of England but neither do I believe that we must stay in a union that is keeping Scotland from growing and improving Good luck to you but we must take our independence


1:14 on 06 Apr 2017

I moved to Scotland nearly twenty years ago from England and have watched the horrendous decline in services . I have had first hand experience of the shocking state of CAMHS , the NHS and Education System. The SNP only interest is Independence. They have turned Catholic and Protestant , Scots and English against one another. I have never been a member of a Political Party in my life but after the inspirational support I have received from the Lib Dems I have joined one now . They do care about Scotland . SNP hang your heads in shame . We would have been bankrupt we decided on Independence, with massive loans . Brexit is being used as a smoke screen to cover up the truth about Public Services . Anyone's fault but the SNP.

Patricia Hewitt

19:29 on 05 Apr 2017

Had enough of referendums Nicola has lost the plot and not listening to the Scottish people

keith jolly

10:16 on 02 Apr 2017

Although I have been born and bred in England I believe that we must remain united. I think Scotland play a big role in terms of LandmassEconomyTourism Military I also think that if Scotland leave the UK we will loose our global power status. Furthermore I think if Scotland votes for independence their economy won't be stable without lots of loans if the EU,that's if they successfully obtain membership. I was very glad when I saw Scotland voted No 2 and a half years ago and I think Nicola Sturgeon is breaking her once in a life time statement

Todd Bartley

1:16 on 02 Apr 2017

Please you people in Scotland stop FM from ruining your country with her obsession for another referendum


21:00 on 31 Mar 2017

A generation should mean a generation. MS Sturgeon is totalling ignoring over 50% of the Scottish electorate and needs to move on and concentrate on the day job

Verity Mutch

15:17 on 31 Mar 2017

A massive amount of 'No & Remain' voters have been misrepresented to justify this bogus process for another referendum. The political system in Scotland has been hijacked, Holyrood is fast turning into a white elephant, a farcical waste of time, money and effort. What purpose does it serve, other than chasing the narrow aims of a single divisive agenda?

Joel Prentice

10:03 on 31 Mar 2017

We had a referendum in 2014 and don't need another one.get on with the day job.No referendum

Anne Rainey

9:30 on 31 Mar 2017

The SNP over the last 10 years have shown that they are incapable of running our country using the already extensive powers devolved to them. Hence the economy is running a 10.1% GDP deficit, borrowing is at an unsustainable level and monies are being wasted by ineptitude, schools and the S.NHS. are floundering. It therefor follows that Independence under the SNP would further bankrupt us. Forget about calling for ANOTHER independence referendum and hold a Scottish General Election NOW. Let's get rid of the school yard tantrums of bigots ( definition: bigot a hypocrite, a person who claims to have certain moral beliefs but whose behavior doesn't match those belief)

julia sherratt

14:32 on 30 Mar 2017

We had vote the vote was no. No means no

George Simpson

11:08 on 30 Mar 2017

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