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PE01575: Accessible Rail Travel


Petitioner: Alex Scott MBE


Date Lodged: 24 August 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take more steps to make the ScotRail fleet accessible to the visually impaired, including standardising buttons on ScotRail's fleet and providing high visibility clothing for its station workers.

Petition History:


24 November 2015: The Committee took evidence from Beverley Bambrough, Director of Education and Equalities, and Robert Mooney, National Executive Committee member, Community. The Committee agreed to write to Transport Scotland, Abellio, Angel Trains, Porterbrook, Eversholt Rail Group, the Scottish Accessible Transport Alliance and the European Commission. Link to Official Report 24 November 2015

26 January 2016: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that that high visibility clothing has been rolled out to ScotRail’s frontline staff, all rolling stock on the ScotRail network is due to be compliant with the UK Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations by 2020 and any purported amendments to the UK Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations would need to be addressed to the UK Parliament. Link to Official Report 26 January 2016

Written Submissions:

These measures are socially inclusive and for the benefit of everyone.

Why isn't this done already? It just makes sense!

Elizabeth H Scott

12:44 on 24 Aug 2015

will make such a difference and give people confidence while travelling.

Marie Watson

22:42 on 17 Aug 2015

We need to make travelling by rail more enjoyable for everyone - these measures proposed by Alex Scott would help.

Terry Anderson

11:18 on 04 Aug 2015

The STUC Disabled Workers Committee believes more needs to be done to make Scotland's railways and other forms of public more accessible to disabled people. The Committee supports this petition as being an important step in the right direction toward the aim of more accessible public transport for all disabled people, ensuring travellers with visual impairments can travel safely and with dignity.

Ian Tasker STUC Assistant Secretary

11:16 on 04 Aug 2015

Hope the petition does well Alex. Hope we meet up soon. Miss your presence in meetings.

Bill Hardman

8:49 on 03 Aug 2015

More staff assistance necessary at most stations

John Kay

10:06 on 02 Aug 2015

It is not only handicapped and blind people who suffer, it is us who have all our faculties as well but those who cannot see or function properly need the most help. It is a basic necessity for all.

Wendy Croft

16:50 on 30 Jul 2015

Hello Alex. Understand your frustration, but unless you get the UK government to change the PRM regulations, then Scotland can only make recommendations or make it part of the next franchise agreement like the scottish Saltire livery, but don't expect much as not all of the ScotRail fleet has the Saltire livery. ScotRail only lease the trains and cannot make changes to the vehicles without the lessors agreement and only if they pay for it.

Thomas Cook

16:56 on 25 Jul 2015

Hope this petition is a success. A lot needs fixing in Scotland with rail travel . We have a perfectly good station but hardly any trains especially on a Sunday. Two carriages appear on a Saturday when young folk are queuing up to go to Glasgow terrible!!

Frances Jones

19:52 on 21 Jul 2015

it should not need a petition of the Scottish Parliament to carry out something so needed if they used common sense. Get your fingers out and do this request Asaph.

Ann Elizabeth Carlisle

20:38 on 19 Jul 2015

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