PE01598: Protecting wild salmonids from sea lice from Scottish salmon farms

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: Guy Linley-Adams on behalf of Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland


Date Lodged: 25 February 2016

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to strengthen Scottish legislative and regulatory control of marine fish farms to protect wild salmonids of domestic and international conservation importance.

Petition History:


30 June 2016: The Committee took evidence from Guy Linley-Adams and Andrew Graham-Stewart, Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland. The Committee agreed to write to Marine Scotland/Scottish Government, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Scottish Salmon Producers Association, the Atlantic Salmon Trust and the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards. The Committee also agreed to seek further information on practices in Norway. Link to Official Report 30 June 2016

29 September 2016: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee under Rule 15.6.2 of Standing Orders. Link to Official Report 29 September 2016

14 December 2016: The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee considered the petition and agreed to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity seeking further information on the issues raised in the petition and to arrange a visit to a salmon farm. Link to Official Report 14 December 2016

21 June 2017: The Committee agreed that in early 2018 they will conduct an inquiry into aquaculture in Scotland, which would seek to include consideration of the issues raised in the petition. Link to the Official Report - 21 June 2017

12 December 2018: The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee agreed to close the petition. Link to Official Report 12 December 2018

Written Submissions:

The damage is done , legislation is only effective if effectivlely monitored ie one fish farm recorded 1 escapee, he saw it with his own eye. Fished Scotland for 40 years killed3 fish and I am the bad one??????

Gareth jones

21:49 on 25 Feb 2016

Okay, we need farmed fish. But put them in closed systems where they can be controlled and problems contained.

Geoff Maynard

21:18 on 25 Feb 2016

As per Andrew Flitcroft's, Editors Letter in the March 2016 issue of the Trout & Salmon. Dr Aileen McLeod may bring about some sanity to the Scottish Governments lack of understanding of the plight which the wild salmon face, Day In & Day Out,when endeavoring to enter Scottish Rivers. Let us all hope that at last there is a Scottish Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform who has a grasp of the situation and is prepared to act on it.

Derek Rutter

16:51 on 25 Feb 2016

I agree with what has been said in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine. Something needs to be done about this issue.

John Wark

14:11 on 25 Feb 2016

Salmon cannot be claimed to be responisibly farmed unless effective legislation is put in place to drastically reduce the sea lice problem.

Iain Freeman

9:49 on 24 Feb 2016

Aquaculture does not make any sense . Taking wild fish from the other side of the world to be dumped in to a Sea Loch in Scotland to feed and produce Sub Standard fatty Salmon and befoul the local environment and kill Sea Trout with Lice Infestation so bad wild fish stand no chance Loch Damph and Maree are now nearly devoid of Seatrout they were plentiful until the Farms they were the Best Sea Trout fishers in Europe but sold down the river for a quick buck . If this evidence was listened to years ago we could of saved the west coast from these ravages

Euan Myles

21:27 on 23 Feb 2016

The public management of the Scottish salmon farming industry has been, and continues to be, worthy of what used to be called a 'third world country'. The Scottish industry began as a free-for-all and giveaway of Crown Estate seabed. It expanded without any controls for sensitivity of location or size limits on individual facilities. It has been allowed to rubbish, without actual argument, 30 years of scientific evidence demonstrating the causal link between farm sea lice infestations and the wild salmonid demise all along the west coast. And it has been protected throughout from public scrutiny under the guise of commercial confidentiality. Surely there was (and is) a better way.

Andrew Kelton

19:23 on 23 Feb 2016

There is no doubt that there has been an exponential decline, in West Coast Sea Trout catches since the introduction of Salmon Farming. We must 'all' endeavour to protect this wonderful species.

Bryan Hollinworth

16:16 on 23 Feb 2016

High time the S NP did something constructive Rather than blaming others

Alastair Stobart

16:10 on 23 Feb 2016

Wonder if an organised boycott of farmed salmon would be effective?

Peter Mosley

10:48 on 23 Feb 2016

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