PE01673: Operation and running of child protection services in Scotland


Petitioner: James Mackie


Date Lodged: 18 September 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to create an independent, QC-led inquiry into the operation and running of child protection services in Scotland.

Petition History:


23 November 2017: The Committee agreed to join the petitions PE1673 and PE1675 together for future consideration and to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 23 November 2017

10 May 2018: In relation to PE1673, the Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration, the Association of Directors of Social Work, Who Cares? Scotland and Circle Scotland. The Committee also agreed to close PE1675 under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the Scottish Government has set out its view of the importance of a child or young person having a right to take part in decisions affecting them; that there are procedures in place to allow the excusal of a child or young person; and that the Government remains open to reviewing whether the current balance and tests are right for children and young people with work being taken forward by the Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership. Link to Official Report 10 May 2018

25 October 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Minister for Childcare and Early Years. The Committee also agreed to draw the petition to the attention of the Care Review, chaired by Fiona Duncan. Link to Official Report 25 October 2018

5 September 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Standing Order Rule 15.7 on the basis that the Scottish Government has no plans to undertake the action called for in the petition. It also agreed to write to the Education and Skills Committee. Official Report of Meeting 5 September 2019

Written submissions:


Do you agree that child protection procedures currently operated in Scotland are out dated, out of control, unmanaged and beyond reproach in their current practices and place children unnecessarily at high risk of being taken into care, emotionally and psychologically traumatised for life along with their parents and families?

Should an inquiry be started to ensure families are able to have proper time and support in child protection procedures as in the current system they get little or no time to defend themselves and their children, there are very few legal companies experienced in such matters and most of them are so expensive to use that families are excluded from due legal process and representation?

Do you agree that the whole system of child protection needs a complete review and overhaul by way of an independent QC-led inquiry into current practices which would enable parents and families subjected to the extreme and excessive procedures to be heard?

I agree that the child protection system and the actions of the authorities needs to be reviewed. Far too often child protection procedures are being implemented on the basis of suspicion and innuendo, and sometimes false information, without the evidence being tested in law. I have been ninvolved in supporting a family that have been at the receiving end of such actions for over 4 years now and the process still continues. It seems that it will not come to and end until the youngest child reaches adult age. Many procedures and conditions are being enforced on a voluntary basis under threat of seeking statutory requirements that would involve putting children in foster care. An independent inquiry is urgently needed.

John Macleod

21:15 on 17 Sep 2017

Very outdated system, overworked social workers with too much control

G. McNeish

18:41 on 15 Sep 2017

It is rong moraliy and impartially needing a over hall as the hall system it out Date and as a parent my self and have gone throw it all my self is horrible thay mack u feel like your a prisner and it all you and nevr the dad ect but pepel need to know how your kids name person is for the day find out ir having a kids ect .

Louise Malone

21:41 on 13 Sep 2017

everyone stand as one againt social work

sarah Malone

12:46 on 11 Sep 2017

I am most concerned that the evidence is not properly tested before a child is removed from his or her parents. A few high profile cases demonstrate that there are instances where it would have been in a child's best interests to have been removed from the parental home. However, in general children do not do well if they are put into care and that is something to be avoided wherever possible.

W. Hunter Watson

12:24 on 11 Sep 2017

I am signing this petition as this wholr system needs a hugh overhaul. Parents of kids with asn could and can fall victim to the current practices just because they require support to bring up societies most vulnerable children. I also very nearly ended up there my self because of my daughters needs

Pauline Mcwalter

11:08 on 11 Sep 2017

Published statistics 23 per cent of the adult prison population have been in care 25 per cent on the street have a care background Care leavers are 4 or 5 times more likely to commit suicide in adulthood 25 per cent of care leavers were pregnant within a year of leaving care 36 per cent of 19 year olds looked after at the age 16 were unemployment not in education or training Still Our Children Briefing for House of Commons Report Stage of the Children and Families Bill 2013 A study of 15 and 16 year olds under CSOs published by the Scottish Childrens Reporters Administration shows women had 30 per cent physical health issues and 60 per cent mental health problems 20 per cent had both mental and physical health problems 8 per cent of men had physical health problems and 32 per cent mental health problems 81 per cent of young people had problems with education 40 per cent of women had used drugs and 43 per cent alcohol 36 per cent of men had used drugs and 23 per cent alcohol 60 per cent of young women were victims of sexual or physical abuse 35 per cent victims of sexual abuse or offences 37 per cent victims of physical abuse or assaults and 18 per cent had been physically and sexually abused 26 per cent of young men had been victims of physical abuse or assault

James A Mackie

18:36 on 10 Sep 2017

In newspaper articles Government spokesperson said We have recently refined the system to keep it fit for the future The Scottish Parliament concluded a review of the Children's Hearing system reforms of 2013 and concluded the modernised system is working well. The families want to know who led the review, what the remit was Who were contacted and took part Were parents, families and even children interviewed or asked to contribute Government should be looking at the statistics 1.5 per cent of children in Scotland are in the child protection system, 0.38 per cent at home 0.557% in foster care or up for adoption 0.4 per cent in other community placement and 0.148 per cent in residential care In 2016 0.46 per cent of children aged four and under were on the child protection register 102 unborn children were on the register In 2015 16 6683 children were in care With a daily cost of £160.00 per child day the £390 million could be better spent helping parents and families keep their children at home There are bad families where the children will be safer in care However, the system accuses every family of being bad parents and children will be better off removed to another place of residency

James A Mackie

18:28 on 10 Sep 2017

Panel members of a Children's Hearing are volunteers The only training they get is the States idea of protecting children Faced on the day and asked to make a snap decision on a document giving a social workers opinion with absolutely no resort to having to give evidence to prove the allegations Children's Hearings have the power to remove children from families for anywhere between 12 months and a life time In a child death families get counselling and support allowing them to come to terms with the event For those families were the child is taken by the State especially where the child is then force adopted families have no closure or support. Many parents ended up with serious illnesses including diabetes, depression and heart attacks brought on by the system Many children who were forcibly adopted against their family wishes suffer severe trauma in later life when they eventually discover the State took them from their natural parents and put them up for adoption An article that appeared recently should be borne in mind by all in child protection Dirty dishes prove I feed my family A full trash can proves I clean up after them Messy floors means I let my children have fun A pile of unfolded laundry means I keep my family in clean clothes A wet bathroom floor means my kids took a shower. To social workers next time you walk into my house and see a mess think twice before you judge us If you came over to see us come on in If you are coming over to see my house, please make an appointment

James A Mackie

18:22 on 10 Sep 2017

Having been through this Shambolic System fortunately we, my daughter and I came out the other side eventually others were not so lucky My daughter was awarded criminal injuries in Scotland We moved to england and the whole thing started again with protection officers in Scotland driving it behind the scenes It took four years in the high court in London to eventually to stop the madness this petition is necessary to review the whole system is totally useless on every level and needs to be overhauled and those in charge made accountable


13:21 on 09 Sep 2017

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