PE01733: Human right to adequate food


Petitioner: Peter Ritchie on behalf of Scottish Food Coalition


Date Lodged: 22 August 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make the Right to Food part of Scots Law.

Petition History:

This petition has now been referred to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee. You can view any further updates on this petition on the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee's webpage

SPICe Briefing (152KB pdf) 


19 September 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Official Report of Meeting 19 September 2019

5 March 2020: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee under Standing Order Rule 15.6.2. Link to Official Report of Meeting 5 March 2020

Written submissions

  • Food is at the heart of some of Scotland’s biggest challenges, from inequality to ill heath to ecological damage. It is a fundamental human right to have access to adequate, fairly-produced food.
  • Scotland has only just started to measure food insecurity, but it is unacceptably high and amongst the highest rates in Europe.   We have a food system of injustice.  Many people are priced out of a decent diet, reliant on foodbanks and suffering the consequences of poor nutrition.
  • We do not value the people who work to produce and process food, the farm animals, or the wildlife and natural resources, which enable us to eat well.
  • The right to food should be part of Scots Law.   The Scottish Government should take responsibility for transforming the food system and make sure it is founded on principles of social and environmental justice.

I want all this petition asks for also good support for the farmers involved who have done everything governments have asked for through every crisis, now they are facing CLIMATE CHANGE !

Robertha Govan

15:16 on 20 Aug 2019

Everyone should have access to food, it's a fundamental right

Stuart Miller

8:15 on 20 Aug 2019

Invest in our farmers, enable sustainable food production bearing in mind we are an island and unfortunately rely mainly on foreign imported food which in the future may not be affordable. Time to rethink food production in the U.K.

Janet Richardson

7:29 on 20 Aug 2019

Even better give everyone a universal basic income, that would enable people to buy food tampons etc without being humiliated by poverty.

Martin Charlton

23:55 on 19 Aug 2019

Food should be at the heart of Scottish Culture We have a distinctive food production system which produces food and sustains producer and linked communities. We need to maintain this and to continue to work with our distinctive land resource which is just so fifferent from other parts of the UK

David Atkinson

21:44 on 19 Aug 2019

Food is inevitable to every living soul and not to be formated. Everybody should easily have access to fair and green foods.

Adewale Ayorinde

15:50 on 19 Aug 2019

The entire population must be more engaged in where their food comes from and be involved wherever possible in growing, shopping, preparing, eating, enjoying and valuing food as an intrinsic part of life.

Caroline Robertson

15:12 on 19 Aug 2019

Back to basics! Food is a necessity, not a luxury. The entire population must be more engaged in where their food comes from and in growing, buying , preparing , enjoying food. Does not need to be fancy, so called simple meals such as lentil soup, omelette, bean casserole, with or without meat are cheap and easy to prepare. But here's one of the catches, they do require a wee bit of forward planning and preparation, something which has been lost to too many folks. At the very least the Scottish government will have to reinstate home economics classes in schools as well as tackling the issue of unable or unwilling parents in this respect. Supermarkets have a role to play by reducing the range of rubbishy products on sale, but of course that means loss of revenue.

Caroline Robertson

15:09 on 19 Aug 2019

Amongst any other practical way we can get nutritious food to people in need how about the new Scottish Government Best Start Food cards just launched on the 12th of August. Can this scheme not be used to help those who can easily be identified by the benefits they are on whether working or not to receive extra funds for a possibly wider range of 'best start foods' instead of a blanket approach to 'holiday hunger'?

Gordon Ruddiman

14:12 on 19 Aug 2019

Many people in our community do not have access to decent healthy and cheap food or can't afford to buy food. It is appalling in this day and age that people are forced to go to food banks because of sanctions or too little benefits to live a dignified fulfilling life.. Having to make choices between things like being warm, clothing your children or eating is not acceptable in this day and age and in this country.

Helen Scammell

12:19 on 19 Aug 2019

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