PE01614: Adult Consensual Incest (ACI)

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Petitioner: Richard Morris


Date Lodged: 01 August 2016

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to amend the law against adult consensual incest, to provide: that an offence occurs only where one of the participants (even if consenting) was under the age of 21 ; for those who have previously been convicted  of incest when both participants were consenting  and over 21 years of age to have any sentences received ended; for convictions to be removed from criminal records of any individuals previously convicted and for a compensation scheme to be established.

Petition History:


15 September 2016: The Committee noted that a petition in similar terms was closed in January 2016 on the basis that the Scottish Law Commission undertook a report on this issue as recently as 2007 and concluded that the majority view at that time favoured retaining the offence and the current definition and agreed to close the petition under rule 15.7 of Standing Orders. Link to Official report 15 September 2016

If Abraham the Patriarch of Judaism who the Bible says married his  step-sister Sarah, came to live in Scotland today, would everyone agree that he and his wife should go to  prison? In Israel he would not go to prison because ACI is not illegal there now.

Many children are born with birth defects because their parents married  late, or smoked or drank alcohol whilst pregnant, should we put these parents in prison for creating sick children?

Is it fair to jail only ACI people for their tiny contribution to the total number of children born with birth defects, when the vast majority of birth defect cases are born to non-ACI parents? What good comes from such imprisonment?

More than half the people on the planet live in about 35 countries where ACI  is legal.  If ACI is so bad for society, what are the terrible social problems caused by ACI in countries (or states in the case of New Jersey and Rhode Island) where ACI is not illegal like: Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, People's Republic of China, Estonia, France, Georgia, India, Israel, Italy (if no scandal is caused), Ivory Coast, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Jersey, Pakistan, Portugal, Rhode Island, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand,Turkey, Ukraine?

Wouldn't legalizing ACI and not wasting tax payers' money on prosecuting and sentencing ACI people to jail for years, save a great deal of  pubic money which could then be used to better educate all people about the risks of having a child with birth defects and how to avoid them?

If children have to be taught to hate, and racism, incestophobia, homophobia, and class hatred are learned and become a sort of mass hysteria, conditioned into us, how do we de-institutionalise such hatred and mass paranoia?

Thank you to all the people involved in organising the petition, including Scottish Parliamentary staff and to all those who signed.

Richard Morris

15:34 on 01 Aug 2016

Today a country that is famous for leading the world in human rights, France was attacked by terrorists.Shame on them. France legalized ACI in 1810 becoming the world leader in human rights. today, Scotland and other countries that still make ACI a crime, lag behind in the field of human rights. Please vote to make difference.

Richard Morris

10:20 on 15 Jul 2016

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