PE01748: Provide protection for small communities in Scottish planning policy

Housing Planning

Petitioner: Isobel Kelly on behalf of Gartcosh Tenants & Residents Association


Date Lodged: 16 September 2019

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide specific provision within the National Planning Framework 3 (NPF 3) and the Scottish Planning Policy for small communities which:

• Provides for a pre-development community asset and infrastructure audit when an area is identified as being able to accommodate large-scale, urban growth and;

• Protects areas considered by its community to be high value scenic assets and at risk of the coalescence of communities. 


Petition History:

SPICe Briefing (108KB pdf)


10 October 2019: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. It also agreed to write to COSLA, North Lanarkshire Council, the Royal Town Planning Institute, Built Environment Forum Scotland and Scotland’s Towns Partnership.  Official Report of meeting 10 October 2019

26 August 2020: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that new legislation and guidance is likely to tackle many of the issues raised in the petition and to write to the Local Government and Communities Committee to highlight the issues raised by the petition for consideration in any scrutiny it undertakes of the draft NPF4. Official Report of meeting 26 August 2020

Written submissions

PE1748/A: Petitioner submission of 16 September 2019 (112KB pdf)

PE1748/B: Scottish Government submission of 4 November 2019 (92KB pdf)

PE1748/C: RTPI Scotland submission of 7 November 2019 (101KB pdf)

PE1748/D: Heads of Planning Scotland submission of 8 November 2019 (104KB pdf)

PE1748/E: Built Environment Forum Scotland submission of 11 November 2019 (60KB pdf)

PE1748/F: COSLA submission of 11 November 2019 (72KB pdf)

PE1748/G: North Lanarkshire Council submission of 18 November 2019 (146KB pdf)

PE1748/H: Petitioner submission of 2 January 2020 (126KB pdf)

The National planning framework and planning policy should provide protection for small communities in urban and rural communities when large scale development is considered.

Many small communities start from a disadvantaged position often overlooked in terms of asset and infrastructure. There is often no asset building equity ability within these communities.

When new development starts asset and infrastructure are placed within new development and land banking has already occurred making it difficult for small communities to build asset in the original settlement.

Schools should be considered first, before building thousands of new family homes. Our schools cannot cope.

Christine Macdonald

12:43 on 03 Sep 2019

Provide protection for small communities

Lauren walker

21:33 on 20 Aug 2019

Keep the natural environment.

Gillian Cameron

15:28 on 20 Aug 2019

Centralisation and main town hubs are destroying long established towns and villages.

peter waters

5:53 on 16 Aug 2019

Roads and surround facilities are unsuitable for any further development and the disruption to existing residents is never considered as a significant factor

Nicola Howat

18:58 on 08 Aug 2019

Please start to listen to our smaller communities

Mark McQue

22:53 on 07 Aug 2019

Too many homes being built without facilities in place to suit the growing villages.

Vanda Clelland

21:05 on 07 Aug 2019

Vast amount of new housing in my part of North Lanarkshire but no new amenities. Hard to get G.P. appointment and grandchildrens school overflowing.

Sandra Campbell

12:52 on 07 Aug 2019

Community voice been lost amongst large scale developments. No infrastructure to support the number of house builds and it's the local people who are being affected and having to live with the daily effects of this, with no voice what so ever on the matter.

Donna Quinn

12:10 on 07 Aug 2019

There are too many estates springing up with little thought for local amenities or infrastructure. The environment it under severe pressure and us being compromised by corporate greed.

Jamie Harper

12:09 on 07 Aug 2019

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