PE01820: Compulsory bereavement education in schools


Petitioner: Sameena Javed


Date Lodged: 15 September 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce compulsory bereavement education into the school curriculum.

Petition History:



8 October 2020: The Committee agreed to write to the Childhood Bereavement Network, Child Bereavement UK, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS), Includem and Young Scot. Link to Official Report of Meeting 8 October 2020

9 December 2020: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report of Meeting 9 December 2020

10 February 2021: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the Curriculum for Excellence is not a statutory curriculum prescribed to the level of individual courses that must be followed by each individual school, schools are encouraged to apply their own judgement, the National Bereavement Coordinator is undertaking work with schools and with the petitioner directly to develop a curriculum around bereavement, with roundtable evidence sessions due to begin in January 2021 and education and training around death, dying and bereavement may be taken forward as part of the work delivering and implementing the recommendations of the personal and social education review. Link to Official Report of Meeting 10 February 2021

Written submissions

PE1820/A: Scottish Government submission of 3 September 2020 (88KB pdf)

PE1820/B: Petitioners submission of 16 September 2020 (56KB pdf)

PE1820/C: Young Scot submission of 4 November 2020 (93KB pdf)

PE1820/D: Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) submission of 6 November 2020 (115KB pdf)

PE1820/E: Petitioner submission of 29 November 2020 (80KB pdf)

PE1820/F Petitioner submission of 3 December 2020 (54KB pdf)

PE1820/G: Scottish Government submission of 20 January 2021 (72KB pdf)

PE1820/H: Petitioners submission of 30 January 2021 (75KB pdf)

Do you agree compulsory bereavement education should be introduced into our school curriculum?
Do you believe this will help our young people prepare for and understand death and bereavement?

I agree it should be compulsory.

Kathleen Hughes

15:00 on 09 Sep 2020

Nothing new has been developed in school to adapt with the changing times. It makes sense if you teach kids about health they should be taught about death and how to cope. Bereavement counselling is a sound idea. As adults it is difficult to understand death and question it. You can only imagine how devastating it can be for a child. It's time the curriculum was changed.

Shazia Mehmood

8:37 on 09 Sep 2020

The Scottish minister for education made bold statements promising bereavement support in all Scottish schools. Both of the schools my children attend are severely lacking in their resources and training. I had to provide literature And work books to one school In order for them to support my daughter. Surely, in this day and age all staff in schools should be given training and access to resources so that all of our heartbroken youngsters can be supported and nurtured through the grieving process!

Kirsty Cluff

7:28 on 09 Sep 2020

Yes should be in the curriculum is a big part of life and we can never escape it.

Maryam Abdallah

5:00 on 09 Sep 2020

Definitely strongly agree.

Arfa Shoaib

22:30 on 08 Sep 2020

We need to bring death, dying and bereavement out of the closet and work on making it less taboo to talk about.

Daniel clarke

18:30 on 08 Sep 2020

Children need to be able to understand and deal with bereavement.

Sadif Amjad

17:15 on 08 Sep 2020

Great idea should definitely be something available in schools.

Fauzia akhtar

15:17 on 08 Sep 2020

Totally agree.

Jill Zawadzka

13:31 on 07 Sep 2020

Bereavement should be as big a part of education as learning about birth as it happens to us all.

Andrea Taylor

14:22 on 06 Sep 2020

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