PE01626: Regulation of Bus Services


Petitioner: Pat Rafferty on behalf of Unite Scotland


Date Lodged: 20 December 2016

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to legislate to regulate bus services in Scotland and to carry out an inquiry into the benefits of bringing bus services in Scotland into common ownership. 

Petition History:

This petition has now been referred to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee. You can view any further updates on this petition on the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee's webpage


19 January 2017: The Committee took evidence from David Eyre, Scotland Media & Communications Officer, Unite the Union, and Ian Taylor, Director, Transport for Quality of Life. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, COSLA, Regional Transport Partnerships, the Bus Stakeholder Group, the Association of Transport Coordinating Officers, the Confederation of Passenger Transport Scotland, Bus Users Scotland and the Scottish Association for Public Transport. The Committee also agreed to ask SPICe to prepare a paper providing an update on progress of the Bus Services Bill at Westminster. Link to Official Report 19 January 2017

27 April 2017: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to the Official Report

29 June 2017: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 29 June 2017.

21 December 2017: The Committee agreed to invite the petitioner to submit a response to the two most recent submissions from the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 21 December 2017

26 April 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and to take evidence in a roundtable format at a future meeting. Link to the Official Report 26 April 2018

21 March 2019: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee for consideration at Stage 2 of that committee’s scrutiny of the Transport (Scotland) Bill. Link to Official Report 21 March 2019

Written Submissions: 

We want buses in Scotland to be regulated again, so that local people - through their councils - can regain control over their bus services.

The UK government is putting a bill through Westminster that will give powers to local authorities in England to regulate buses. But the Scottish Goverrnment still stands against bus regulation. We think that's wrong. 

Would you like to have control over your local bus services? Have you had problems with bus services in your area?

I live in a small village which relies on public transport our village used to have a bus link to glasgow Stirling and Dunfermline we now have a bus to kilsyth severly depleted please regulate a decent bus service and regulate our buses

juliehelen haggart

17:53 on 20 Dec 2016

in our small communities we need the buses to be reregulated again, as so many of us are now dependent on them as our families are no longer in the area due having to move away for employment.

James Graham

17:01 on 20 Dec 2016

Reregulation is vital to rural communities

Heather Walker

16:48 on 20 Dec 2016

Glasgow bus services are a nightmare - late, expensive, dirty, overcrowded. The whole country should have the level and quality of service Edinburgh get through Lothian buses.

Diljeet Bhachu

15:36 on 20 Dec 2016

I O pay £94 for a 10 week ticket on first bus but end up paying fare to another company when my bus dosnt turn up. First bus are a joke.

Agnes Fox

13:41 on 20 Dec 2016

decent public transport should be a basic human right.... and having recently seen my own local bus services cut I realise that is not the case in Scotland.

Robert Scott

10:57 on 20 Dec 2016

I lived in West Lothian where the main provider was First and they were hopeless. Now live in Edinburgh where Lothian are streets ahead. First use buses of the vintage I went to school in and I left school 35 years ago - enough said.

Amanda Roy

5:09 on 20 Dec 2016

Why are the Scottish government against putting the interests of the people before the interests of First Group and Stagecoach? It's not because they provide a quality service.

Nicholas Barbier

0:17 on 20 Dec 2016

I find buses extremely stressful and if I did not have my consession card, the fares are so high (and you don't even get change) that I'd sooner pay a bit more and take taxis (if I could afford it). Buses do not run on time, sometimes even drive past a stop with people waiting there, and First's attitude of putting profits before people is I believe reason in itself that the buses and trains need to be brought under public ownership.

Jay Wakefield

22:58 on 19 Dec 2016

The lack of a proper bus services is turning my hometown into a place where you cannot survive without a car. It is difficult or impossible to get out in the evening or on a Sunday. And the prices are eye-watering. Lack of movement is bad for peoples personal lives and for the economy and so many people depending on cars is bad for the environment. Come on Holyrood, take care of your country!

Alison Gray

18:53 on 19 Dec 2016

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