PE01711: First Aid Training for All Primary School Children in Scotland


Petitioner: Stuart Callison on behalf of St Andrew's First Aid


Date Lodged: 06 December 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to

1.  Ensure that all primary schools in Scotland incorporate basic first aid as an integral part of their curriculum; and

2.  Provide funding in order to develop high quality teaching materials on what to do in common emergencies, as well as to establish training and support for teachers to enable them to deliver these skills during short, interactive first aid workshops.

Petition History:

20 December 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and local authorities. Link to Official Report 20 December 2018

7 March 2019: The Committee agreed to reflect on the evidence heard at the meeting and consider written submissions and related information at a future meeting. Link to Official Report 7 March 2019

20 June 2019: The Committee agreed to invite the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills to provide evidence at a future meeting. The Committee also agreed to write to COSLA and teaching unions and to investigate international comparisons on first aid training in primary schools. Link to Official Report of Meeting 20 June 2019

19 December 2019: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 of Standing Orders on the basis that the Scottish Government is undertaking work relevant to the action called for in the petition, and the petitioner is engaged in this work. Link to Official Report of Meeting 19 December 2019

Written submissions:

Should primary school children be given the opportunity to learn how to save a life?

Time we saved more lives and we should start at an early age

John Stephen burns

23:05 on 03 Dec 2018

It is very important that we train our teachers and pupils first aid.

Elaine Davies

10:32 on 03 Dec 2018

It makes complete sense to teach this early as it will save lives. It will also help people NOT to panic in an emergency.

Jo Cowie

8:44 on 01 Dec 2018

I think this is agreat idea as kids pick things up so quickly plus they could dral with a situation themselves

Paul Jones

21:46 on 30 Nov 2018

This ultimately can only be a good thing, think of the many lives that could be saved in the future.

Andrew Hynd

19:37 on 30 Nov 2018

I think this would be of benefit to all of us

Jean James

10:31 on 29 Nov 2018

All children should be first aid aware

Mrs. Catherine McBride

21:00 on 28 Nov 2018

makes common sense to do this

Alexander Neil

14:12 on 28 Nov 2018

Well done u must be so proud and hope ur well now xx

Josephine campbell

9:02 on 23 Nov 2018

Of course they all should

John hall

8:15 on 23 Nov 2018

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