PE01677: Make more money available to mitigate welfare cuts

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Petitioner: Dr Sarah Glynn on behalf of Scottish Unemployed Workers' Network


Date Lodged: 23 November 2017

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make more money available to mitigate the impact of UK Government welfare cuts through reassessing spending priorities and bringing in more progressive taxation.


Petition History:



1 February 2018: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to the Official Report 1 February 2018

10 May 2018: The Committee agreed to refer the petition to the Social Security Committee under Rule 15.6.2 of Standing Orders. Link to Official Report 10 May 2018

24 May 2018: The Social Security Committee agreed to note the petition and consider it again in light of outcomes from its current and planned inquiry work. Link to Official Report 24 May

1 November 2018: The Committee agreed to consider the petition again following publication of the Scottish Government Budget and wrote to the Scottish Government calling for ‘funding for the Scottish Welfare Fund to be increased to address the growing pressure and need’. Link to Official Report 1 November 2018

21 February 2019: The Social Security Committee agreed to write to the petitioner setting out its reasons for closing the petition and to write to the Scottish Government regarding this matter. Link to Official Report 21 February 2019

Written submissions:

If you have time, as well as signing -

Please add your own thoughts about areas of particular concern and what the Scottish Government could do to help.

Please include your own experiences at the sharp end of welfare reform or in working with those who have been affected (including experience of social security systems elsewhere).


Universal credit and recent benefit sanctions against disabled persins a shameful attack on our poor and weak

Rhonda Reekie

0:23 on 21 Nov 2017

I'll pay more Scottish income tax if the population at large first know how damaging UC is to our fellow citizens who experience the need to access benefits.

David Allan

20:16 on 19 Nov 2017

As parents we support as much as we can our adult children( and we know many who can do ) Although they are in work ( low paid) do not want them to have to endure the humiliation of this current barbaric system . How can we not when we remember a time when social security system provided a safety net so we know the difference and how things should be done. Many have no other support but we must all stand together and fight this.

Elaine Fraser

17:12 on 19 Nov 2017

Scotland is a country in her own right and as such should be included in the country name list.

Marilyne Ruth Kubath

11:27 on 05 Nov 2017

It is an absolute scandal that parents and children are being evicted from their homes in a prosperous country putting families into substandard B & B's and temporary accommodation is also scandalous

linda garcia

18:04 on 03 Nov 2017

We recently had my PIP payments and my husband's carers allowance cut because my gp is no longer in the practise, so when the dwp asked for further info no-one sent any. As a result our housing benefit has reduced, our wtc will reduce and we were already 500 a month worse off. I have a serious incurable illness, not cancer but an illness with no cure, been trying to set up a community interest company to support others in our situation but as soon as we're making headway, our megre financial support is stripped away. If I work a little to stop myself from going mad my money gets cut. Not in respect box what I've earned, it just stops for self employed workers this current system gives no support. I'll appeal and fight in court as usual and they'll dismiss me and my life again. It's been 15 years I've been going through the same Shit whenever I get sick.

Philip cree

10:27 on 03 Nov 2017

please ensure that there is more consideration given to assessing those with mental health problems. I have ahd to support my 35 year old son financially for 4 years since he was sanctioned and couldn't face the trauma of re-claiming benefits or the appeals process due his mental health and anxiety issues. He was considered fit to work when clearly he was anything but fit. He has been and still often is suicidal.

Ruth Pool

18:56 on 02 Nov 2017

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