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Business rates and childcare providers

High-quality childcare makes a significant impact in narrowing gaps for the most disadvantaged children and giving all children the best start in life. Childcare provision is also an essential ingredient for economic growth, supporting parents to work and take up training.

A key issue for nurseries, like all small businesses, is balancing our books so we can deliver high-quality childcare, whilst remaining sustainable and keeping fees affordable for parents. The new rates increases put many of the nurseries in Scotland above the threshold for small business rates relief. 

A key highlight for the Government is to invest in the Early Year provision with the new doubling of hours from 600 to 1140 hours due to commence in 2020. So we are really disappointed that the private sector nurseries have been hit with substantial increases in rates when we have been fighting alongside NDNA (National Day Nurseries Association) to have rates for nurseries abolished, and at best substantially reduced, not substantially increased!

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