Previous Action

I have  written letters to several government officials in the United Kingdom  about this matter to try and have the law reformed.

I wrote two  petitions to the Scottish Parliament.

I wrote to the Head of the Anglican Church, her Majesty the Queen,  and the Archbishop of Canturbury. And I wrote to the head of the BBC about a new documentary on this subject,  to be a counter to  the Stephen Fry's documentary about the persecution of gay people in Russia and several other countries.

I wrote to several university law professors  who have written theses on this matter. They also  argue for the decriminalization of ACI.

I have written  a petition to the European Parliament,  where already 11 of  the 28 member countries have decriminalised  ACI asking that the  EU harmonize their legal systems  so that CIAO people are free to  move in all of those countries without fear of persecution and arrest, and for the law to allow CIAO marriage.

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