PE01852: Increase planning protection for Scottish battlefields

Housing Planning

Petitioner: GEORGE KEMPIK on behalf of Group to Stop the development at Culloden


Date Lodged: 17 March 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to designate historic battlefields with a heritage status and implement a stricter planning framework to protect them.

Do you believe the current level of planning protection afforded to Scottish battlefields is adequate?

Do you agree that new legislation is needed to give Scottish battlefields much greater planning protection?

This development needs to be stopped. Where is Scotland's respect for its history and war dead? In times to come, do you really want to be remembered as the organisation that desecrated Scotlands most historic battlefield? There is a place for progress and development but this site is not that place and the development application should have been put to a halt long before this. It's a sad reflection of the world we live in when the little man has to fight so hard for something that should have automatic protections. This is truly shameful.

Bernadette Colee

22:59 on 17 Mar 2021

Protect our battlefields

Margaret Millar

19:39 on 17 Mar 2021

For goodness sake, no means no ..not 'maybe if you smile nicely i will say yes'

Margaret Lang

17:24 on 17 Mar 2021

A vital cultural and historical site to Scots throughout the world that should be protected and preserved.

Debra Straub-Tazz

15:13 on 17 Mar 2021

Please leave the Battlefield alone. Poor men died on that Battlefield. We don't need any developments to go ahead. Please leave alone, let these men Rest in peace.

Kelly Bremner

15:09 on 17 Mar 2021

Culloden Battlefield is a war grave it should never be divided or built upon. Its HISTORY and sacred

Joy Boothby

14:52 on 17 Mar 2021

Stop stop stop this !!!

Vivienne Patterson

13:10 on 17 Mar 2021

Culloden battle field is what it says (Battle field) this is a place for all to come pay there respect to their fallen kinsmen and such a historic site for folk all over the world. Please stop and reconsider this application to stop any future planning on this Moor.

Lorna Taylor

12:18 on 17 Mar 2021

One of the most important battles in Scottish history where the battlefield is not too developed, it is important for the future that it remains so.

Leslie English

11:49 on 17 Mar 2021

The Current level of planning protection is really inadequate -and yes new legislation is needed. We need to protect and cherish our history.

june wallace

20:07 on 16 Mar 2021

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