PE01853: Introduce a lifeline ferry service from Campbeltown to Ardrossan


Petitioner: Councillor Donald Kelly & Councillor Douglas Philand


Date Lodged: 17 March 2021

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide an all year round freight and passenger ferry service from Campbeltown and Ardrossan.

Do you agree the Scottish Government should provide a year-round ferry service from Campbeltown to Ardrossan?

Do you believe such a service would help sustain the businesses and communities in Argyll and Bute until a permanent solution has been implemented to resolve the issues at the Rest and Be Thankful A83?

The A83 is regularly closed. The A83 is unreliable .Campbeltown needs a ferry to the mainland to seriously improve the lives of folk who live in Kintyre.

Bob Chicken

21:26 on 17 Mar 2021

The use of a permanent ferry crossing will enable tourists, local residents and general trade to continue to support the local economy.


21:14 on 17 Mar 2021

I often travel from Edinbrgh to Campbelltown to support my sister and partner. They are foster carers and I am a registered respite carer. The ferry would mean I could give them more support through the year.

Geraldine Dolan

20:04 on 17 Mar 2021

A ferry link to the west coast of Scotland is essential and would be a massive boost to Argyllshire.

John Macphee

17:06 on 17 Mar 2021

We need this ferry as a lifeline service & to develop the community

John McLatchie

7:12 on 17 Mar 2021

Lifeline service for Kintyre given the state of the A83 and road closures at the Rest and Be Thankful. Campbeltown needs a reliable, all year round service.

Jan Nimmo

6:08 on 17 Mar 2021

A ferry is a lifeline to our area. 3.5 hours by car, 4.5 by bus.... roads infrastructure poor. We need a reliable option.

Moyra Paterson

22:57 on 16 Mar 2021

This is a great idea, should definitely go ahead

Margaret Marshall

22:45 on 16 Mar 2021

This would benefit many of our tourism and businesses for the town, particularly during winter when the rest and be thankful is often closed to landslides or potential landslides.

Kareen Cox

21:23 on 16 Mar 2021

Kintyre might as well be an island the way things are at the Rest and be Thankful with no quick fix a year-round ferry service is essential.

Campbell Stewart

20:26 on 16 Mar 2021

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