PE01708: Catering for vegans on all public sector menus


Petitioner: Mark Banahan on behalf of The Vegan Society & Go Vegan Scotland


Date Lodged: 06 November 2018

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to bring forward legislation to guarantee plant-based options on every public sector menu every day, to protect the rights of vegans and for our health, the environment and animals.


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There has a been an gradual uprising of people choosing a vegan lifestyle. As more people become aware of the torment and suffering of farm animals they have shifted over to a more plant based diet and therefore should be given the freedom of choice

Susan Hall

16:02 on 05 Nov 2018

More tasty vegetable options instead of meat-heavy dishes everywhere!

Anita Elizar

14:22 on 05 Nov 2018

Vegan ian is very popular now and is the right way for our health and the planet do choice must be made available

Sally Collis

7:50 on 05 Nov 2018

its about time vegans had a choice of food likr non-vegans do

christine bain

3:37 on 05 Nov 2018

It is all about the right of choice, animals choose not to be killed and people choose not to eat them.

Gail Stirling

22:25 on 04 Nov 2018

We need to encourage people to eat plant based food in an effort to conserve the environment

Sharon wiener-ogilvie

21:43 on 04 Nov 2018

Options is all we ask

Claire Douglas

20:51 on 04 Nov 2018

Of course there MUST be a Vegan option. Options - more than just one Vegan option!

Belinda Carr

18:27 on 04 Nov 2018

Please respect our wishes to not eat animals, Simple!

Angie Waddell

12:18 on 04 Nov 2018

This is not only around allowing vegans the freedom to live out their beliefs in public places. This is also about supporting healthy choices. Unwell patients in hospitals need access to healthy and nutritious food to allow them to heal and get well. The best source of this is plant-based nutrition. By supporting adding "vegan" food to public sector menus, this too will be made possible.

John David Smith

9:33 on 04 Nov 2018

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