PE01573: Statutory teaching of LGBTI+ issues

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Petitioner: Jordan Daly on behalf of T.I.E. - Time for Inclusive Education


Date Lodged: 04 August 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make the teaching of LGBTI+ issues and topics statutory in all schools, with the introduction of a diverse and fully inclusive education programme that addresses, acknowledges and highlights such matters relating to the LGBTI+ community in a positive and progressive manner.

Petition History:


27 October 2015: The Committee took evidence from Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson, T.I.E - Time for Inclusive Education and John Naples-Campbell, Teacher, Knightswood Secondary School, Glasgow. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, a selection of teacher training institutions, Falkirk Council, West Dunbartonshire Council, Braes High School, Vale of Leven Academy, COSLA, Stonewall Scotland, the Educational Institute of Scotland, YMCA Scotland and the Scout Association in Scotland. Link to Official Report 27 October 2015

12 January 2016: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the proposal of a specific statutory duty to teach LGBTI+ issues in Scottish schools is not supported by stakeholders. Link to Official Report 12 January 2016  

Written Submissions:

The Scottish education system is failing LGBTI+ youth and a new, radical approach is required. It is one thing for a young kid to be struggling to accept themselves; it is another for them to feel trapped and excluded in an environment where they are supposed to feel safe and nurtured. The current Scottish Education Curriculum allows schools to opt-out of progressive teaching programmes that discuss topics relating to the LGBTI+ community, such as the Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) framework. This is unproductive. If we truly are a forward thinking society, then we need a progressive and inclusive education system to reflect this. 

Some Scottish LGBTI+ organisations have already attempted to tackle this issue, with the creation of lesson plans, workshops, support groups et cetera and have found little success as a result of the fact that institutions have sovereignty over if and how they address such issues - thus, if we are serious about tackling homo/bi/transphobia and ensuring that LGBTI+ youth are included; then we need a statutory framework that all schools adhere to.

Ignorance is perpetuation: refusing to acknowledge the issue at hand allows it to grow. When we have 52% of LGBTI+ kids experiencing homophobic bullying in schools, why is it that only 12% have assemblies that address homophobic bullying? 44% of LGBTI+ pupils in Scotland believe that their school is not an “accepting, tolerant place” where they feel welcome; 71% regularly skip school, 49% do not feel that they are achieving their best - 54% are regularly self harming and 26% have attempted to take their own lives. This is an epidemic and it is unacceptable. It is time to get serious - statutory inclusion is the only way forward.


Growing up, I was deathly afraid of my sexuality. I knew there were gay and lesbian people, but I was still frightened of the reaction I'd get to coming out. I went to Catholic schools with pretty cursory sex education which was focussed on straight relationships.

Sean Quinn

12:14 on 30 Jul 2015

This campaign is a fantastic way forward! Having met with the guys launching and looking to run the campaign, it is clear that they have the ability to push this all the way through. I am proud to be a supporter and campaigner for his campaign. As a young person who has personally gone through a lot in my life and seen a lot in both my personal and professional career, I whole heartedly believe that a fair and fully inclusive education system is the only way forward in tackling inequality and showing young people that being LGBT is not something to be scared of or embarrassed of! Well done to everyone involved in this campaign!

Ryan McNaughton

15:07 on 29 Jul 2015

This is the 21st Century. If we can't teach the future generations about the history of LGBTI+ rights, and equality struggles, we are failing them. In our society there are LGBTI+ people all around us, we don't hesitate to accept them as friends, partners, in our homes and even churches, synagogues etc... So why in our schools? We constantly talk about combatting issues about inequality or prejudice. Why can my friends and family not learn about safe sex, same-sex relationships, same-sex families and more? Why must they be deprived of what I only discovered later in life? Why must we neglect their growth in interpersonal and comunity development. Allow our future to be all inclusive. We can't stop homophobia if we don't teach people what it means to be part of the LGBTI+ community. We dream for a day where there is no LGBTI+ community but an all-inclusive-general community. People should not have to justify their sexual orientation and claim to one specific community when there should only be one. The way forward, the way to get to that all-inclusive-general community is by educating the future generations correctly and solidifying the fact that same-sex relationships are natural and perfectly healthy.

Jonathan Yaniv Ben Avraham

20:44 on 28 Jul 2015

The more people know, the less they fear.

Lauren MacCallum

7:34 on 16 Jul 2015

Brothers sisters unite.

Mark Smyth

5:08 on 12 Jul 2015

My kids attend a Catholic school and their sex education is restricted (thus far) to a man and a woman God. My son won't hear how his life, his loves, his romance is equal or how any family he forms is normal. We need this for true equality. Past equal marriage. Past dealing with the hate speech. We need this so our children learn true equality.

Neil Dallimore

19:12 on 10 Jul 2015

Here in the Scottish Borders we have come across teachers who identify as LGBT but are too scared to be out. We have found teachers who believe that clause 28 still exists. We have heard of schools who actively discourage any LGBT education. It seems to come down to individual heads as to whether or not the school is inclusive of LGBT education.

Susan Hart

13:19 on 10 Jul 2015

Attending a Catholic high school in Lanarkshire in the early 2000's, I experienced narrow mindedness and homophobic views from the teachers which legitimized the taunts of fellow pupils. No action or omission, however how subtle should reinforce homophobia or transphobia in schools. That's what refusing to teach about sexuality and gender identity does and it needs to end.

Andrew Ashe

11:05 on 10 Jul 2015

Education is the key to stamping out homophobic, biphobic, transphobic and intersex-phobic bullying. Education is the key to creating a fair and equal society. It is vital that a progressive and positive representation of LGBTI issues are taught as part of the compulsory Scottish Education curriculum

Ben Owens

19:16 on 07 Jul 2015

This is such an important thing

Aimee McDonald

13:54 on 06 Jul 2015

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