Contacting the First Minister and other Scottish Government Ministers

The Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government are separate organisations, based in separate buildings and with different remits and staff. The Scottish Parliament is the law-making body for a wide range of devolved matters such as health and education and its role is to scrutinise the work of the Scottish Government and hold it to account. The Scottish Government is the government in Scotland for devolved matters, and it is responsible for defining and implementing policy in these areas. 

MSPs who are Scottish Government Ministers hold two separate positions: one as a constituency or regional MSP and one as a member of the Scottish Government.

In their ministerial roles, the First Minister, Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers are part of the Scottish Government, and their ministerial offices are located in Scottish Government buildings. To contact a Scottish Government Minister, the email address is [email protected].

You can also contact the First Minister of Scotland through her website postbag.

More information about the Cabinet and Ministers can be found at the Scottish Government website.

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