How do Cross-Party Groups operate?

The operation of CPGs is regulated by Section 6 of the Code of Conduct for MSPs which outlines the procedures for establishing a CPG and sets out the framework for their operation.

The framework set out in the Code of Conduct for the operation of CPGs is not prescriptive in relation to the procedures to be followed by the Groups and Groups may determine their own procedures, provided that these procedures are in line with the general rules set out in Section 6.

To ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, Groups that are accorded recognition must follow the rules listed below

  • at least 10 calendar days before every meeting, a notification must be sent to the Cross-Party Group mail box, [email protected]. This allows clerks to add the meeting date to the Cross Party Group webpage;
  • Groups must meet formally at least twice a year;
  • To be classed as a formal meeting at least 2 MSPs, who are members of the Group, must attend;
  • Groups must provide minutes of all meetings. The minutes must include a list of attendees, identifying which attendees are members of the Group and which are invited attendees who are not members of the Group. Where organisations are members of a Group, it should be the organisation’s name that is listed and not the individual who attended on the organisation’s behalf;
  • Minutes can be published either in draft form or following approval by the Convener of the Group. If Groups wish to wait until minutes are approved these must be submitted after the meeting at which the minutes are approved;
  • Membership changes must be emailed to [email protected] within 30 calendar days of the change. Changes to the MSP membership must be notified by the Convener of the Group; and
  • Groups must hold an AGM within 11-13 months of the Groups first meeting, then each 11-13 months thereafter.

Further guidance in relation to CPGs can be found in the Best Practice Guidance and in guidance on the Code of Conduct.

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