Purpose of the group

To provide a platform for parliamentarians to discuss all issues relating to diabetes; to liaise with those affected by the condition, organisations representing their interests and health workers dealing with diabetes; and to promote good practice and raise specific issues of concern.


Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Katie Smith

Mary Cawley

Holly Davis

Joanne Jervis

Melanie Littlewood

Aileen Hillis

Michael Hirst

Iain Brotchie

Mark Cook

Ken Lawrie

Marion Butchart

Sue Hampson

Bruce Knight

Ken Robertson

David Shaw

Moira Howie

Mandy Judd

Ian and Kim Fergusson

Arvind Salman

Jacquie Forde

Alastair Brookes

Jude Clarke

Steve Birnie

Alia Gilani

Jonathan Fox

Jamie Rice

Delia Rodgers

Joanne Jervis

Nicola  Johnson

Alyson Malone

Karen Adamson

Bonnie Thomson

Claire Heslin

Ros Meek

Susan Fletcher

Michael Grieve

David Eadie

Jane Cook

Morag Low

Spencer Fildes

Fiona  Hamill

Susan Cameron

Bonnie Thomson

Lucille Whitehead

Camilla Horwood Karen Utting

Debi Harris

Brian Kennon

Jeff Foot

Tricia Ford

Sandi McKenchie

Susan Chisholm

Megan Lott

Emma Cartwright

Claire Heslin

Isobel Miller


Diabetes Scotland - Secretariat

JDRF Scotland

The Alliance

Division of Clinical Psychology

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

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