Holyrood launches Call for Views in response to Scottish Government's ban on fishing in the Firth of Clyde


Reacting to stakeholder concerns, Holyrood’s Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee has launched a Call for Views in response to the Scottish Government’s decision to ban all forms of fishing in a specific area of the Firth of Clyde during the period 14 February – 30 April, for the years 2022 and 2023.

The ban would be introduced via subordinate legislation laid on 13 January and further information was provided by Cabinet Secretary, Mairi Gougeon MSP in a letter on 17 January.

Since 2001, legislation has permitted certain types of fishing (Nephrops (langoustine) trawlers, creels and scallop dredgers) during this annual 11 week period. Others were prohibited to protect spawning cod and promote recovery of stock.

Finlay Carson, Convener of the Committee, said;

“Initial concerns raised with the Committee question the scientific basis for this blanket ban and the extent of the consultation undertaken.  As a result, we are keen to explore this issue further and encourage anyone affected by this decision to share their views with us.  It is important to us that all voices are heard and that the impact of this decision is properly understood and considered.”

The Call for Views will close on Wednesday 2 February.


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