UK Minister speaks to committee on CAP reform


UK Minister Jim Paice MPUK Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Jim Paice MP today gave evidence to the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee on the Common Agricultural Policy reform proposals.

Rob Gibson MSP, who convenes the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee, explained how important it was to hear from the UK Minister on the reform proposals and for him to set out the UK Government’s position.

He said: "We welcome the UK Minister coming to give evidence on this issue given the distinctive agricultural interests in Scotland and the very real impact these reforms could have on farmers and crofters.”

He added: “We have already heard from MEPs and key stakeholders and we will hear the Scottish Government’s views on the proposals next week.

"Having heard all positions, we will be then be able to summarise our views on what we have heard over the last few months and make recommendations to ensure Scottish interests are taken into account by the UK and Scottish Government’s, and by the European Commission and Parliament, all of whom play a role in influencing the final reforms.”

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