Citizen's Jury on Land Management

On the 29th-31st March 2019, 21 randomly selected citizens from all over Scotland came to the Scottish Parliament to spend the weekend learning about and discussing the question:

How should funding and advice for land management be designed to help protect Scotland’s natural environment?

Throughout the weekend participants heard from experts and stakeholders and deliberated together to reach their conclusions. You can see the citizen’s jury at work here.

Their conclusions are being considered by the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee. The full report from the citizen’s jury is now available here.


What did the event involve?
This event brought together people from a wide range of backgrounds to discuss future funding for land management, to inform the future work of the Scottish Parliament's Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee.

Participants met with other individuals from across Scotland, participated in group discussions and heard from speakers who are passionate about the issue being discussed.

Participants were not required to have any prior knowledge of the topic. All the information needed to take part was provided at the event.

Why hold this event?
We know that some people find it more difficult to become involved in our work than others. If you live a long way from the Scottish Parliament building, for example, then getting here can seem too time-consuming and expensive. We also know that the jargon we use, and the way that we work, can be off-putting for some people.

This event was designed to make it easier for everyone across Scotland to have the opportunity to become involved in our work and to overcome some of the barriers people have told us they have experienced in the past.

How did you ensure that the event was accessible to anyone?
All transport, meals and accommodation costs for participants were paid by the Parliament. Participants also received £100 at the end of the event to thank them for their time.
The Scottish Parliament is a fully accessible building and we made sure participants had any support they needed to take part.

Who could apply?
Invitations were sent to 3000 randomly generated households across Scotland, drawn from the Royal Mail’s address database. Any adult, permanent resident in Scotland living in a household that received an invitation could apply, with a few exceptions set out below:

  • – employees of the Scottish Government
  • – employees of the UK Government
  • – Members of the Scottish Parliament
  • – Members of the UK Parliament
  • – Local Authority councillors
  • – employees or board members of organisation whose role includes lobbying or actively campaigning on environmental issues

From those who responded, 21 people were selected at random to take part in the event. This random selection was weighted to make sure that there was a good mix of gender, age and geographical areas.

Citizen’s Jury on Land Management and the Natural Environment

Analysis was commissioned to follow up and contextualise the recommendations made by the Citizen’s Jury on Land Management and the Natural Environment held in March 2019. Read the paper:

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