11 May Vol. 1, No. 1 Session 4

Meeting of the Parliament

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Note:(DT) signifies a decision taken at Decision Time.

The meeting opened at 9.30am.

1. Oaths and Affirmations: The following members took the oath of allegiance or made their solemn affirmation before the Clerk—

Oath Affirmation
Alexander Charles Onlsow Fergusson Patrick Harvie
Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond Brian James Adam
Iain Cumming Gray Claire Josephine Baker
Annabel MacNicoll Goldie Claudia Hamilton Beamish
Tavish Hamilton Scott Marco Biagi
George James Adam Neil James Bibby
Clare Adamson Sarah Boyack
Alasdair James Allan Margaret Jean Burgess
Jacqueline Marie Baillie William Lynch Coffey
Richard James Baker Robert Hardie Bruce Crawford
Colin Beattie Roseanna Cunningham
Charles Gilchrist Brodie Graeme James Dey
Gavin Lindberg Brown Nigel Anderson Don
Keith James Brown James Dornan
Aileen Elizabeth Campbell Kezia Alexandra Ross Dugdale
Roderick Alexander McRobie Campbell Linda Fabiani
David Jackson Carlaw Mary Fee
Malcolm George Richardson Chisholm Joseph Martin FitzPatrick
Angela Constance Kenneth James Gibson
Ruth Elizabeth Davidson Robert MacKay Gibson
Bob Doris Christine Grahame
Helen Stirling Eadie James Douglas Hepburn
Jim Eadie Fiona Hyslop
Annabelle Janet Ewing Adam Hamilton Ingram
Fergus Stewart Ewing Alison Johnstone
Patricia Josephine Ferguson Colin George Keir
Neil Findlay William Hill Kidd
John Bradford Finnie Johann MacDougall Lamont
Murdo MacKenzie Fraser Richard Neilson Lochhead
Rhoda Grant Kenneth Wright MacAskill
Mark Griffin Angus MacDonald
Hugh Henry Gordon MacDonald
James Robert Hume Michael Mackenzie
Alexander Johnstone Tricia Marwick
James Kelly John Fingland Mason
John Robert Lamont Michael Stephen Matheson
Richard Macdonald Lyle William Stewart Maxwell
Roderick Lewis Macdonald Liam Scott McArthur
Margo MacDonald Mark McDonald
Kenneth Donald Macintosh Alison McClure McInnes
Derek Mackay Christina McKelvie
Hanzala Shaheed Malik Aileen McLeod
Jennifer Margaret Marra Fiona Grace McLeod
Paul Martin Michael Joseph McMahon
Joan McAlpine Siobhan Marie McMahon
Margaret McCulloch Stuart McMillan
Margaret McDougall John William Park
James Angus Roderick Neil McGrigor Graeme James Pearson
David William McLetchie Shona Robison
Duncan McNeil Andrew Smith
Anne Margaret McTaggart Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon
Nanette Lilian Margaret Milne Jean Urquhart
Janet Margaret Mitchell Sandra White
Elaine Kildare Murray John Gordon Wilson
Alexander Neil  
Gilbert Martin Paterson  
John Williamson Pentland  
William Cowan Rennie  
Dennis Robertson  
Michael William Russell  
Mary Elizabeth Scanlon  
William John Graham Scott  
Richard John Simpson  
Elaine Agnes Smith  
Elizabeth Jane Smith  
James Alexander Stewart Stevenson  
David John Stewart  
Kevin Morrice Stewart  
John Ramsay Swinney  
David George Thompson  
David Herd Torrance  
William George Walker  
Maureen Elizabeth Watt  
Paul Richard William Wheelhouse  
Humza Haroon Yousaf  

2. Election of Presiding Officer: The following members were nominated as candidates for appointment as Presiding Officer—

Christine Grahame

Tricia Marwick

Hugh Henry

The result of the first round of voting was—

Christine Grahame 32

Tricia Marwick 45

Hugh Henry 49

Abstentions 0

Spoilt Papers 1

Accordingly, Christine Grahame was eliminated at that round and a second round of voting was held. The result of that round of voting was—

Hugh Henry 55

Tricia Marwick 73

Abstentions 0

Spoilt Papers 0

Tricia Marwick was duly elected as Presiding Officer

3. Election of Deputy Presiding Officers: The following members were nominated as candidates for appointment as Deputy Presiding Officer—

Patricia Ferguson

Duncan McNeil

John Scott

Elaine Smith

The result of the first round of voting was—

Patricia Ferguson 22

Duncan McNeil 14

John Scott 54

Elaine Smith 35

Abstentions 0

Spoilt Papers 0

Accordingly, Duncan McNeil was eliminated at that round and a second round of voting was held. The result of that round of voting was—

Patricia Ferguson 32

John Scott 56

Elaine Smith 36

Abstensions 2

Spoilt Papers 0

Accordingly, Patricia Ferguson was eliminated at that round and a third round of voting was held. The result of that round of voting was—

John Scott 58

Elaine Smith 64

Abstentions 3

Spoilt Papers 0

Elaine Smith was duly elected as Deputy Presiding Officer.

The candidates in the election for the second Deputy Presiding Officer were—

Patricia Ferguson

John Scott

The result of the first round of voting in that election was—

Patricia Ferguson 40

John Scott 82

Abstentions 1

Spoilt Papers 0

John Scott was duly elected as a Deputy Presiding Officer.

The meeting closed at 5.46 pm.

P E Grice
Clerk of the Parliament
11 May 2011

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