SB 14-02 The Housing (Scotland) Bill

The Housing (Scotland) Bill covers a wide range of issues concerning social and private housing. In particular, the main provisions in the Bill seek to:


• Abolish the right to buy
• Increase the flexibility social landlords have when allocating housing and allow social landlords to make best use of their stock
• Provide social landlords with additional tools to tackle antisocial behaviour
• Provide additional protections for tenants, particularly those with a short Scottish Secure Tenancy
• Transfer jurisdiction for civil cases relating to the private rented sector from the sheriff court to the First-tier Tribunal
• Establish a registration system for letting agents
• Amend the site licensing requirements for mobile home sites with permanent residents
• Amend local authority powers to enforce repairs and maintenance in private homes


This briefing sets out the background to the Bill and summarises its main provisions.

Read SPICe briefing:

Published: 10 January 2014

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