Budget (Scotland) (No.4) Bill (E)


Outcome: E

Current Status of the Bill

The Bill passed Stage 3 on February 2010

Introduction of the Bill

This Budget Bill was introduced by John Swinney MSP on 14 January 2010.

Proceedure for Budget Bills

The introduction and passage of a Budget Bill through the Parliament is the final part of the Scottish Budget Process. More information on the Scottish Budget Process is available on the Finance Committee’s web pages.

Finance Committee – scrutiny of the Draft Budget 2010-11

Budget Bills go through the same three legislative stages as other Bills but are subject to special procedures under the Parliament’s Standing Orders. In particular, there is an accelerated timescale, no stage 1 report is required and only the Scottish Government may lodge amendments to the Bill.

Stage 1

Stage 1.

Chamber Proceedings:

The Bill completed Stage 1 on 20 January 2010.

Stage 2

The Stage 2 of a Budget Bill is taken by the Finance Committee. The Stage 2 meeting was held on 26 January 2010.

Finance Committee:

A Marshalled List and groupings were not produced for this meeting as no amendments were lodged at Stage 2.

The Bill passed Stage 2 on 26 January 2010. An ‘As Amended’ version of the Bill was not produced for this stage as no amendments were lodged.

Stage 3

Stage 3 of the Bill was taken on 3 February 2010.

A Marshalled List, Groupings and an ‘As Passed’ version of the Bill were not produced as no amendments were lodged at Stage 3.

The Bill passed Stage 3 on 3 February 2010.

Chamber Proceedings:

The following volume, published on 16 September 2013, contains all the material relevant to the passing of this Bill.

Passage of the Bill:

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